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President in a meeting with the members of American think-tanks:

Experts and intellectuals play vital role in easing tensions around the world/JCPOA generates hope for the world/Western actions intensified violence in the region

President Rouhani in a meeting with the members of American think-tanks early on Monday said that JCPOA generates hope for the world and that experts and intellectuals play a pivotal role in bridging the gaps and easing tension all over the world.

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Mon 28 - September 2015 - 09:17

Speaking about the positive future developments, Dr Rouhani said: “Today we are witnessing certain conditions in the region and continued draught and environmental issues have complicated these conditions. On the other hand, the media are playing more expanded role in cultural and social issues”.

On violence in the region, the President continued: “Actions by the West which apparently are to fight terrorism in the region, have intensified the violence. Bombing different regions has also caused insecurity to spread”.

Among all the violence and insecurity in the region by the terrorist groups such as ISIL, Rouhani said, JCPOA brought hope to the region and the world.

He further continued: “What we stress is that we should think about a win-win situation throughout all negotiations because if a party only pursues its own goals, success, if any at all, will be temporary”.

Speaking about the implementation procedure of the JCPOA, Dr Rouhani said: “We will only become successful if we agreed that…the agreement will be beneficial for both sides”.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran explicitly states that it is committed to putting JCPOA in action and believes that its implementation will be favourable for all” added Rouhani.

On some scepticisms from some American authorities and senators, he added: “We should know each other more and that helps to bridge the gaps”.

President Rouhani also said that his campaign in the presidential elections was based on easing tensions in with the world and said: “Experts and intellectuals play a pivotal role in bridging the gaps and easing tension all over the world”.

On Iran’s initiative to fight terrorism in Syria, Rouhani said: “Today the issue of Syria is one of the important regional issues and we all agree that we should fight terrorism in this country, but with differing priorities. We believe that the Syrian government needs political amendments and in doing so, the first step should be elimination terrorism in this country.” , voicing Iran’s readiness to cooperate with any country which shares the same priority.

“The Russians have recently said that they intend to fight ISIL more seriously and what they state, is more readiness to fight terrorism, along with stabilising the Syrian government” continued Rouhani.

About Western views about terrorism, President Rouhani said: “Fighting terrorism is not possible through military action and this is coming from Iran’s experience, the country which has succeeded in fighting some most powerful terrorist groups and drive them out of its territory”.

On the issue of Iranphobia, he said: “This issue has always been in the agenda of the enemies of the Iranian nation but what is obvious, is that Iran has never posed a threat to any other country and if anyone of our neighbouring countries wants help in fighting terrorism, Iran will act immediately”.

Expressing regret over the coldness of relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Rouhani said “That is while Iran has tried to expand ties with this country. The relations have become cold since Saudi Arabia started killing Yemeni people. This coldness is not to the benefit of neither two and we should accept the differences in opinions and cooperate with each other in various areas”.

news id: 89676

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