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In a message to mark World Tourism Day:

President calls for reinforcement of national security within the framework of constructive engagement and interaction with the world / for creating international communication and intercultural opportunity for development in post-sanctions era

Noting that tourism in Iran well enjoys the potentialities to become an important component of the country’s soft power, president called for the development of Iran’s tourism industry with an emphasis on social, economic and environmental sustainability and said that tourism development should be materialized with an emphasis on the participation of the private sector and cooperatives.

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Sun 27 - September 2015 - 13:28

The full text of the President Rouhani’s today message to mark the Global Day of Tourism read  by Doctor Masoud Soltanifar Vice President and Head of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism is as follows:

In the name of God, the Compationate, the Merciful

September 27 every year reminds us the important status of tourism in the world.

What made all countries to feel the urgecy of the development in the field and to utilize all its merits is the large share of it in the world turnovers, the industry's participation in intercultural interactions, the role of tourists in the development of social dialogue among cultures and countries, and the implications of tourism for economic development and the development of a culture of peace and reconciliation.

Today, the superior documents relating to the macro-scale policies for Iran's 6th development plan, Supreme Leader and all senior officials from all three branches of government underscore on the development of tourism and diversification of Iran's economy. Reduction of the country’s dependency on oil, the geographic distribution of wealth, and ensuring the sustainable use of cultural and ecosystem resources, and the infrastructure created in the country, and provision of extensive employment, are all that make the development of tourism in Iran as vital.

One of the obvious function of tourism development in Iran is to provide the world nations with information about the Iranian culture, history, people and the investment opportunities in Iran, as well. It also leads to reinforce and sustain the country’s national security within the framework of constructive interaction with the world. National Tourism has the potential to become an important component of Iran's soft power to be at the service of achieving "Sustainable Development Goals» (SDGs), which found its ways on the agenda of the world nations from 2015.

As far as "Sustainable tourism" is a strategic component for development, we can consider tourism both an opportunity for development and a factor of erosion of the cultural heritage, because it can also have negative effects on culture, economy and the society by putting pressures on ecological resorces, on local and traditional culture and make other economic sectors dependent to itself.

The damages to parts of the country - especially in the North of Iran and to Caspian Sea coast are all the evidences of the damage to tourism sector by unplanned and non-smart management of the secor. Thus, the emphasis on sustainable tourism development must be coupled with a growing emphasis on social, economic and environmental sustainbility, and we must not forget any possible negative effects of tourism economy while estimating the positive economic impact of it on the development indicators.

It is not possible to develope tourism in a large Iran with a diverse and rianbow nation without public and private sector participation, and also by denying the above mentioned local specific features, and the cultural, religious and environmental differences. Therefore, government can only play the role of a regulator and policy maker for the development of the country’s tourism, and facilitate the development of domestic tourism and international relations, supervise and monitor the process to ensure sustainable development with no detrimental effects. Hence, government will definitely not to be a right and suitable manager and investor of the very sector.

So, the development of tourism should be made with an emphasis on the participation of the private sector and cooperatives. Because internationalization and the development of foreign contributions, are needed in all businesses today. But the tourism industry as a fundamental need for international cooperation is possible, inevitable and vital. The nuclear deal, transformation to post sanctions and successfully implemention of a constructive interation with the world, made an excellent opportunity to develop international and intercultural communication in the field of tourism and can be a supplement to the government's foreign policy strategy.

Therefore, it is good to see the development of the country’s tourism sector and its potentials to be a source of the country reliable income, through the development of cooperation with international investors, consulting firms, research and academic centers bussy in the field of tourism, international media, transportation companies and other providers of tourism infrastructure and services, in order to reach to the goals of Iran's 1404 Vision Plan.

 Iranians seek to enjoy inthe this century peace of mind, material welfare, a prosperous and moral life for its citizens, and contribute far beyond the past in civilization, culture, economy and global security with the suport of their historical heritage and the rich land that God has given to them. Therfore, tourism is a great opportunity to play this role and to achieve this goal, so we will be hard-working and flexible in this regard.


Hassan Rouhani


Islamic Republic of Iran

news id: 89616

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