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President in a meeting with the managers of commerce, economic, and industrial companies of the US;

American companies can enjoy the post-sanction atmosphere/Great security and considerable potentials unique opportunity for investment in Iran

President Rouhani in a meeting with the managers of commerce, economic, and industrial companies of the United States said that there was no obstacles for American companies’ investment in Iran and they can enjoy the post-sanction competitiveness in the Iranian market.

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Sat 26 - September 2015 - 14:57

Dr Rouhani made the remarks late on Friday saying: “The post-sanction atmosphere has caused new economic and political conditions and big commerce, economic, and industrial companies have to make the best use of it”.

Speaking on some possible obstacles to investing and presence of American companies in Iran, the President said: “There is no doubt that these obstacles and objections will not last”.

“My government has tried to reform Iran’s macroeconomic from the first days in office, and succeeded in passing the depression, harnessing inflation, and entering an era of a 3-percent grow, despite the persisting sanctions”, he added.

Pointing to the steps taken for fighting economic corruption, Rouhani said: “We seek to reinforce the private sector and decrease the role of the government. We also believe that an atmosphere of competition should be expanded in the country because wherever there is monopoly, corruption follows. To do this, we are strengthening the idea of E-Government”.

The President, who is the Chairman of the Supreme Economic Council, said: “Taking care of the customs affairs has declined from 26 to 3 days”.

Dr Rouhani mentioned the immense resources of energy and the geo-strategic situation of Iran and said: “These features, coupled with security and stability in the entire region, and extensive rail lines that connect China and Central Asia to the Oman Sea, has created a unique situation for economic activities”.

He further talked about Tehran’s attempts to create peace and stability in the region, saying: “Despite the lack of security in some neighbouring countries, Iran is a safe place. And despite what we see in the Europe as being faced with refugee issues, Iran is home to around 3 million Afghan asylum-seekers and right now 400,000 Afghan students are studying in schools across Iran”.

Rouhani continued: “There is a new atmosphere in Iran in the areas of modern technologies, and aviation and agriculture industries. We will transparently share our plans with the world, and one way to bridge the gap between Iran and the US is economic cooperation”.

Elaborating on plans of oil and gas, agriculture, and economic, Dr Rouhani said: “Iran has always been committed to fulfilling contracts with its counterparts”.

“In the current and coming atmosphere, the American people’s pressure on their government is mounting and this pressure will not let it continue its current path” added the President.

In the meeting, representatives of major American companies described their facilities and capabilities, asking their questions about investing in different sectors.

news id: 89574

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