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President in a meeting with a group of managers and senior editors from International media organizations in New York:

Full implementation of nuclear agreement a big test of confidence/Iran sees the agreement executed before the due time/Russia to play a more effective role in war on terrorism/Iran sees no barrier for participation of American investors

President Rouhani in a meeting with a group of managers and senior editors from International media organizations in New York described and explained Iran's approach and stances on the regional and international issues and answered their questions in this regard.

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Sat 26 - September 2015 - 13:28

Referring to the execution of the recent nuclear agreement between Tehran and the P5+1 group of countries, at the beginning of the meeting he said: “The debate last year on the issue was whether or not the negotiations could reach to a conclusion or not, but the question today is to see if the agreement can be well implemented and executed and weather it can be a base for better and further agreement to solve other issues, or not?”

Then, he focused on some new changes and developments in the region and said: Iraq’s situation improved, although there is still long way for Iraqi army and people to win over the terrorist groups, while the Syrian refugees issue is getting new dimensions in the region and at the international level.

President Indicated that the Syrian refugees are those who had been living peacefully in their homeland under their government’s administration, therefore it is the terrorist groups who are the main reason for their new miserable situation.

He said: “Yemen’s situation got worse and deteriorated in comparison with last year situation. Yemeni people are in an unbearable situation just because of some regional countries’ military interference and invasion of the country, esp. Saudi Arabia, therefore there is no way just to take an immediate action for them”.    

President Rouhani said: “Media are expected to assist politicians to pave the way which is for the sake of the nations of the region, and let the illusory and unreal animosity and pessimism spread among nations of the region”.

Answering a question about the possibility of the extradition of Iranian and American prisoners including Washington Post correspondence in Tehran, he said : “In our view, some of them are Iranians, because Iranian laws does not accept their double-nationality, on the other hand, there may be some Iranian who are captive or under investigation in America with no reason”.

“I do not believe in their extradite, because both administrations should assist a rapid release of them through legal judicial and consular process. Although, President as the executor of Iranian Constitution can follow such cases and give some notices if necessary, but, prisoners‘ issues in Iran are under the control of Judiciary and executive branch cannot directly interfere in such cases. What is important for me is to find a way to free them as soon as possible” said the President.

Answering to questions such as: Is there any relation and connection between him and President Bashar Assad of Syria, and if there is any coordination between Iran and America on Syrian issues, namely between Iranian Foreign Minister and US Secretary of States, President said: “Iran has had and will definitely have relations with Syria”.

President continued: “What happened in Syria was that a group in the inside of the country were objecting the regime but in such short time terrorist groups started their acts and it intensified so much that the objecting group was driven into the shadows, so, the current situation has turned into a fight between the terrorist groups and the Syrian army”.

“Of course, we believe that an atmosphere should be established for a vote to make the necessary amendments to the constitution” added Rouhani.

He continued: “Today, the main concern of the Syrian people is the destruction made by terrorist groups and the killing of innocent people. Fighting terrorism is undoubtedly the first priority for the country. On the one hand, stability is not possible without democracy, but on the other hand, they cannot vote in the middle of a terrorism and war. We have proposed a plan to solve the issues of Syria and we have shared it with the interested countries”.

Answering the question of whether he is interested in having a discussion with Obama based on the willingness voiced by the White House, President Rouhani said: “Some people may believe that the two countries can never end up having good relations, some may believe the contrary; but we should be realistic. Iran and the US have had many disputes and conflicts and the people of Iran are upset with American policies towards themselves and the region. We should first know each other based on realities and the media has a very significant part. The Iranian people bare the American people no animosity, rather, they are opposed to the policies of the American government”.

Speaking about the recent Russian military activities in Syria, Dr Rouhani said: “The Russians have had close relations with the Syrians. Mr Putin told me that Russia wants to play a more active role regarding Daesh in Syria and the region, having talked to Mr Obama in this regard. We have close relations with Russia but we are not part of a coalition”.

Regarding relations with Saudi Arabia, the President said that a lot of people died in the recent incident in Mina, 140 Iranian being among them. He further added: “We expect the new Saudi regime to review the management process of the rituals and be committed to the security and health of the pilgrims”.

He continued: “Iran strongly objects Saudi Arabia’s military intervention in Yemen. However, if we see any condition in having a fruitful conversation with Saudi authorities, we will not stop it from happening”.

Speaking about Iran’s influence in Iraq, President Rouhani said: “If it were not for the help from Iran, Baghdad would definitely be in the hands of Daesh. Iran answered the demand from Kurds and the central government for help”.

At the end of the meeting, Rouhani added: “If any government in the region wants help from Iran, we are ready to cooperate”.

news id: 89572

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