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President at the ceremony of the beginning of the Sacred Defence Week:

Iran the biggest power in the region to fight terrorism/ We are proud of our armed forces

President Rouhani at the ceremony of the armed forces which marks the beginning of the Sacred Defence Week in Iran said: "Today, the biggest power in the region against terrorism are the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran".

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Tue 22 - September 2015 - 14:52

President Rouhani in this ceremony which was held at the tomb of the founder of the Islamic Republic, late Imam Khomeini early on Tuesday said that he is proud of Islamic Republic of Iran Army (IRIA), Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Basij Forces, Police, great Iranian nation, and courageous leader.

He also said: “We are an integrated nation and will confront all of our problems and build a more prosperous and lively Iran”.

“The most honourable Iranian defence of its territory happened in the 8-year sacred defence” said Rouhani, adding: “We do not seek to invade any country but we will defend our country and territory in its best way”.

President Rouhani also pointed out that Iranian armed forces defended the country and said: “The commander in chief of the armed forces (Ayatollah Khamenei) is a person that we all are proud of his wisdom, courageousness, and faithfulness. With the help of his leadership, our great and patriotic nation could defend the country in a way that it was rightly named the Sacred Defence”.

Rouhani said: “Just like as Iran helped some countries based on their demand to fight terrorism, if terrorism wants to spread in other countries, we will help them fight terrorism. The countries of the region know that they cannot hope for any help from western countries and it is only Iranian armed forces that can eradicate terrorists”.

“Foreigners thought that they could make their dreams come true after the Islamic Revolution and, based on their belief, the consequent undermining of the sovereignty, government, and the armed forces of Iran” said Rouhani.

Speaking about Iranian nation’s readiness and liveliness at the time of the Sacred Defence, Dr Rouhani continued: “The 8-year Sacred Defence was a lesson to everyone and despite its difficulties and damages, it left behind invaluable effects. The first of these effects was that it held our nation together, strong, and resistant in confronting invaders”.

President added: “Some believed that a blade is needed to hold a nation together but during the after-revolution era, we witnessed a great power which succeeded in integrating the people, and that power was resistance and defence against invaders in the process of which we saw all ethnic and religious groups integrated in a single line and stood against the enemy”.

“After the Islamic revolution, the enemies of the Iranian nation were accusing us of seeking a fundamentalist regime and imposing our own demands on our neighbouring countries, but during the imposed war it was revealed that which parties were seeking invasion and intervention” continued Rouhani.

He added: “The Islamic revolution revealed that which regime did not show compassion even towards its own supporters and if it had a chance, it would invade all countries in the region”.

Dr Rouhani also said: “Our enemy which made some progress in the beginning months, faced a solid barrier of Iranian defenders which, with Imam Khomeini's decree, could liberate Abadan city in its first attack”.

“Despite the risk level of over 90 per cent, our fighter jet pilots were competing with each other in order to return Iraqi fighter and missile attacks, and we are proud of that” said the President.

Speaking about Iran’s willingness to live in peace alongside its neighbours after the Islamic revolution, Rouhani continued: “We have never sought and will never seek to invade any country but big powers forced one of our neighbours into invading Iran but the people of Iran which had gained victory in their 16 years of Islamic revolution with bare hands, stood against eastern and western equipment of their enemy and today it is following the same path”.

Rouhani added: “A great nation which has faithful, competent, courageous, and united armed forces beside it, is resistant to pressure and sanctions. This nation which enjoys a wise and brave leadership, a government elected by people, and seasoned diplomats can sit at the negotiation table across 6 world powers and defend their nation’s rights”.

Pointing to 70 years of resolutions about Iran by the Security Council, Rouhani said: “The first resolution of this council was issued at the time when our country was occupied by foreigners and it required the occupiers to leave Iran; the Security Council has passed unjust resolutions against Iran, and it has recently issued other unfair resolutions against Iranian people’s rights in lifting sanctions”.

At the end of his speech, Dr Rouhani said: “Despite the six powers insisting on us for not having more than 100 centrifuges, the Iranian nation, with supervision of a great and courageous leader and relying on its resistance, could operate 60 times more centrifuges that is 6000. Although they were saying that there should not be any centrifuges in Fordow, we now have 1000 times more centrifuges there. And also despite their preference on Arak heavy water reactor be dismantled, they have agreed to build a more modern reactor in Arak. These achievements are the result of a great nation, mighty armed forces, creative and competent diplomats, and the guidance from our wise leader”.

news id: 89478

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