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President in a meeting with Dutch Foreign Minister:

Tehran welcomes expanding ties and cooperation with EU

President Hassan Rouhani, in a meeting with Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders, pointed out to Iran’s willingness to expand ties and cooperation with EU and said: “Success in nuclear negotiations can be a base for good and solid ties between Iran and Netherlands”.

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Sun 20 - September 2015 - 16:19

Describing Tehran-Amsterdam ties as historical and long-lasting, Dr Rouhani said: “The two countries have proper capabilities in economy, culture, and politics to develop ties”. President Rouhani also said: “Although our economic ties have decreased, we have new conditions in place to compensate that”.

President Rouhani also said: “Iran and the Netherlands can also consult and cooperate closely on regional issues in order to solve them”.

Speaking about the developments in the region and the need to cooperation in solving the issues, Rouhani said: “Today, the Middle East is facing a lot of issues which have been imposed from outside of the region”. He also added: “Terrorism should not be looked at as being merely our region’s problem; it should be seen as a global problem and global resolve is needed to confront it”.

Dr Rouhani also mentioned the immigrants’ issues and said: “The key to this problem is fighting seriously against terrorism.”

Speaking about the Netherlands being the next president of EU, President Rouhani added: “The Netherlands can play the role of an effective leader in ties between Iran and EU in the post-sanction era”.

Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders also conveyed a hello message from his country’s PM and said: “The Netherlands believes that with Iran’s multilateral diplomacy victory which was the result of a good nuclear agreement, we can further develop ties and cooperation in different areas”.

Speaking about the Netherlands’ EU presidency next year, Koenders said: “Without a doubt, one of our priorities is implementing the nuclear agreement and trying to develop more serious cooperation and partnership between Iran, the Netherlands, and the EU”.

Dutch Foreign Minister also expressed his country’s willingness to foster bilateral ties with Tehran in culture, education, economy, and trade and said: “Tehran and Amsterdam can expand ties with each other in several economic areas such as energy, oil, and natural gas in line with the interests of the two nations”.

Fighting seriously with terrorism is important and it entails social, political, and military aspects, said Koenders, adding: “I hope that this very complicated issue will be solved by close cooperation with Iran and a serious resolve from the part of other countries”.

news id: 89434

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