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President in a meeting with the Brazilian Foreign Minister:

Iran welcomes developing ties with Latin-American countries /No obstacle to expansion of Tehran – Brasilia ties

President in a meeting with the Brazilian Foreign Minister emphasizing that Iran has always welcomed developing and boosting cooperation and good relations with all the countries of Latin America, said: Iran attaches special importance to strengthen its good relations with Brazil as a big country with a developing economy.

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Sun 13 - September 2015 - 15:03

President Rouhani Iran-Brazil ties have always been based on mutual interests, said that Brazil foreign minister's visit to Iran can open a new chapter in two countries' bilateral relations.

President further referred to various advancements both countries have achieved in the fields of industry, technology, and science, urging that all capacities for enhancing interaction between Tehran and Brasilia should be tapped.

President Rouhani said that there is no obstacle to the further expansion of bilateral ties between the two countries, and Brazilian investors can take part in Iranian large projects.

Dr.Rouhani further referred to the recent nuclear agreement between Iran and G5+1, and said a new climate of cooperation emerged for Iran and friendly countries following the agreement. “Iran believes that the nuclear agreement is not end of the way, but it is a beginning for creating a friendlier climate and further cooperation with different countries.”

Mauro Vieira, for his part, said Brazil is after “closer and stronger” ties with Iran politically and economically. We believe that a two-way path needs to be established for economic cooperation between the two countries, because Iran and Brazil hold potentials to act as supplementary in one another economy.”

He also said that his country has always supported Iran’s positive participation in regional and international developments.

Vieira said: “Iran has always acted effectively in establishing balance and stability in the region.”

Vieira also delivered a letter of invitation by Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff for President Rouhani to pay an official visit to the South American country.

news id: 89330

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