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President in a meeting with minister of foreign affairs of Czech Republic:

Ground should be laid for Iran-Czech private sector cooperation

In a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, President Hassan Rouhani called for cooperation and consultation between countries in order to solve problems such as terrorism and its consequences.

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Mon 07 - September 2015 - 14:23

Speaking about some countries’ intervention in the internal affairs of other countries and having an instrumental view of violence and terrorism being two issues with regional and global consequences, President also said: ‘Countries which have power and facilities should not impose their own ideas on other countries and intervene in their foreign affairs for the sake of having influence in the region or any other reason.

“Terrorist groups try to impose themselves by creating an atmosphere of terror and panic because they cannot attract people by reasoning”, said President Rouhani, adding that discrimination, injustice, despair in achieving a decent life, and racial, ethnic and religious humiliation are amongst the reasons why young people join terrorist groups.

President Rouhani also said: “In today’s world, regional issues do not limit themselves only within that region and the consequences spread to other parts of the world, the immediate and natural effects of which is the displacement of innocent people.”

President Rouhani who is also the president of Supreme National Security Council underscored Iran’s experience in dealing with terrorist groups and millions of refugee from countries of the region being settled in Iran and said: “Despite the economic dilemmas at some points, Iran housed millions of refugees and the government  allocated 400 thousand schooling opportunities for Afghan children.”

He also said: “Identifying the roots of terrorism is subject to all countries accepting this reality that terrorist groups are not good a means to achieve goals and all countries should value humans as equal and same. All countries should care about the killing of Syrian and Iraqi citizens to the same extent as American and western citizens.

If all countries should have equal rights, intervention in the internal affairs of other countries be condemned, and everyone fight terrorism together, the solution to the current issues is not unachievable, President Rouhani added.

Speaking about the history of ties and the potentials of the two countries in economy, science, politics, and tourism, President Rouhani said: “We should lay the groundwork for private sectors of both sides to cooperate more in order to seek mutual interests.”

He added: In the past years, Iran has taken significant steps in scientific areas such as nanotechnology, ICT, and biology and some major companies are working in Iran which can cooperate with Czech companies.

Pointing to the natural and historical attractions of both countries for the development of tourism, he said: communication between the two nations can make a good foundation for political and cultural exchange.

In this meeting, the Czech Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaoralek also voiced his country’s willingness to expand ties with Iran in all areas and said: Iran has a magnificent history, culture, and civilization, with wise and competent people and we are ready to cooperate in exchanging experience based on mutual respect and trust.

He also said that his country welcomes the Vienna deal and that Iran has an important role in solving regional and global issues and. “The nuclear deal between Iran and 5+1 has widened the atmosphere for Iran to act better in the region and the world and the Czech Republic believes that without Iran’s presence, we cannot find a political solution for terrorism and the issue of refugees”, He added.

The Czech Foreign Minister also voiced his country’s readiness to cooperate with Iran in regional issues and said: The key to success in today’s world is cooperation and unity among all countries. All countries should oppose violence, terror, and panic, and emphasize on solving the issues through discussion and reasoning. They should know that all solutions are based on respecting people without any discrimination.

news id: 89243

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