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Dr.Rouhani in a meeting with EU Foreign Policy Chief:

Vienna Agreement show diplomacy’s power to resolve differences / Vienna agreement is cooperation to fulfill our shared obligation with regard to humanity ideals to fight terrorism and end war/ the emphasis on cooperation between Iran and Europe Union

President Hassan Rouhani in a meeting with European Union (EU) Foreign Policy Chief said the JCPOA proved that dialogue can lead to the settlement of political problems.

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Tue 28 - July 2015 - 20:52

He pointed out that Negotiators on both sides have passed hard and intensive days to reach a deal.
“This agreement carried the message of peace for all countries in the world and indicated that international agreements are still influential if they are fairly respected," he added.
As regards future of Iran nuclear deal, the Iranian president urged all parties to the nuclear conclusion to focus on the implementation of the document.
President Rouhani said Iran and the EU can increase their mutual cooperation in political, cultural, technological and scientific areas after the implementation of the Vienna agreement.
“The agreement will be very important and influential for the future of relations in the region, Europe and the world,” Rouhani stated.
President underlined that Iran-Group 5+1 agreement will harm no country in the region or the world, and said, 'Now an opportunity has been created to think less about the past and instead think of a future which can be based on mutual respect and colossal interests.'
'One of the advantages of the Vienna agreement is cooperation to fulfill our shared obligation with regard to humanity and human ideals to fight terrorism and end war and shedding of the blood of innocent people,' President Rouhani added.
Federica Mogherini, for her part, expressed satisfaction for her visit to Iran after Vienna deal, and praised president’s supports and management style during negotiations, and also Iran’s nuclear negotiators for their good offices, strength, commitment, and sense of justice in bringing the negotiations to a concrete outcome; she described the deal ‘a step forward toward promotion of peace;’ “representing the EU in foreign policy , I would say that we support the deal with unanimous commitment, and as a member of the joint commission, I will do my best to guarantee the precise, accurate, timely, and step-by-step implementation of the deal,” Mogherini emphasized.
“The EU welcomes and is prepared and resolved for opening of a new chapter of its relations with Iran; I would address those countries who voice their concerns over the nuclear deal; when we invested such a vast amount of political capital to reach a deal, it becomes almost natural that we will invest the same amount of effort and political leverage in implementation phase as well; in this visit, I have been working to found the high-level talks between Iran and the EU in investment, economic and trade cooperation, environment, and regional issues on a firm base,” she said.
“However we should see the difficulties ahead in this path, given firm foundations we have laid, I believe that we would continue the path relatively easily; definitely, we will see the visit of many EU representatives to Tehran in the upcoming weeks, which demonstrates the scope of capacities and capabilities to extend relations with Iran,” she concluded.

news id: 88436

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