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Constitutional Movement most important socio-political event in Iran, Middle East history/ The young generation should get further acquainted with the history of Constitutional Movement

President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that Constitutional Movement is the most important social and political event in history of Iran and the Middle East.

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Wed 20 - May 2015 - 16:49

President Rouhani said in an interview with reporters after visiting Tabriz Constitutional Movement Museum.
President said:'Iran is the first country to form a movement and revolution in the region for administering justice and law and saving the country from despotism.'
'The Constitutional Movement after Tobacco Fatwa marks the major event in the political history of Iran and the neighboring countries,' said Dr.Rouhani.
He said religion is the root cause of the Constitutional Movement. 'All the great ulima, people, religiously committed individuals and thinkers had a share in the Constitutional Movement and upheaval of the Iranian nation.'
He emphasized that Constitutional Movement is a very important event for the nation. 'The young generation of the country should get further acquainted with the history because the Constitutional Movement is one of the bases for victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.'
He said the Constitutional House used to be a place for gathering and consultation of many constitutional seekers and freedom lovers, many of whom were martyred due to despotism.
Underlining the need for preservation of the constitutional works all over Iran, Dr.Rouhani said the Constitutional House is part of the history of Iranian nation and of the Constitutional Movement and Iran's historical evidence should be safeguarded so that Iranian researchers can become more familiar with the great event in the country's history.
The president added, 'When realizing that at what a cost freedom, law and democracy has been made available to the present generation, the young generation will be more appreciative of the efforts.'

news id: 87178

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