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President among a gathering of people in the East Azerbaijan province:

The end of nuclear negotiations will be the pride for the nation

President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday ensured negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program will proceed in a way that preserves Iranians’ real dignity and respect.

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Wed 20 - May 2015 - 12:04

Addressing a gathering of people in this northwestern province on Wednesday, president added: “In the international scenes, too, Iranian diplomatic corps have gained pride and honor for the country.
President stressed that the nation backs its nuclear negotiations team because they deem it as a great source of dignity.
President said Iran is now at a very critical point in the world arena and is soon to totally ruin the Iranophobia project.
He said that by now the Iranian leadership, government and nation have in a unanimous voice managed to portrait the true face of the nation to the universe.
President Rouhani said the Islamic Republic of Iran has no intention of aggression against any country and will stand against invaders.
Highlighting the peace-loving nature of the Iranian nation, he said Iran never intends to attack any country but will vigorously confront any country which would invest greed in the Iranian soil.
The President went on to note that all officials are seeking to create peace, development and good jobs for young people and stressed that people are free to express their opinions in the democratic country of Iran.
He pointed to the instability prevailing in some countries in the region, including Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, etc., and hailed courage and resistance of the Iranian people as a major factor to protect security in the country.
President Rouhani said his government advocated a unified movement towards developing economic prosperity in a free and peaceful society while at the same time safeguards its nuclear activities.
Dr. Rouhani outlined the most important measures taken in his government during the time he took office. He pointed to the continuation of economic growth in the country, despite the sharp decline in oil prices.
Regarding the efforts to improve the economic level among people, especially the poor, President Rouhani said nearly 11 million vulnerable Iranians are now protected under a plan known as commodity baskets.
Noting construction and development projects set to take place in East Azerbaijan, President Rouhani said he is determined to carry out, open or kick off various projects in the city until the end of next Iranian year, during his two-day visit to Tabriz.
Dr. Rouhani ensured the completion and funding of different railway projects, completion of Tabriz-Bazargan highway road and also accelerating the process of hospital equipment in the province.

news id: 87154

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