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During a joint meeting:

Iran -Iraq presidents call for the development of relations between two countries

The presidents of Iran and Iraq have underlined the commitment of both countries to develop relations to resolve regional issues.

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Wed 13 - May 2015 - 13:23

Emphasis on the stability and security of Iraq, President Rouhani, in a meeting with his Iraqi counterpart, said that terrorism is the main problem in the region and supported by countries and those who finance terrorist group, will impact negatively on them.
"It will remain as an ironic humor in the story that the countries supporting militarily and financially, terrorists, want at once to organize a coalition to fight them," noted President Rouhani.
He referred to the aid of Iran from the beginning of the war in Iraq, and said that Iran deployed its efforts to establish security and peace in Iraq.
President Rouhani stressed the need to end, as soon as possible, in the military operation and the violence in Yemen, and after stopping the fire to begin serious talks between the various Yemeni parties.
Further, the Iranian president discussed the cooperation of two countries in the economic, tourism and pilgrimage and the environment.
President Rouhani said that a regional coordination is necessary to fight against terrorism.
Those who are dreaming of using terrorist groups as a tool in their hands to advance their own policies in the region are utterly wrong, stressed the president.
He mentioned the need for cooperation to address regional issues.
On the Iranian nuclear deal, he said: "Reach to a nuclear agreement between Iran and the 5 + 1 is in favor of Iran and all countries of the region or the world."
President Massoum thanked Iran for its valuable assistance to the Iraqi people to combat against Daesh.

news id: 87040

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