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President in a joint press conference with Iraqi President:

We consider Iraq's security as Iran's security

President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday said that Iraq’s security is intertwined with that of Iran, and stressed that Tehran attaches great significance to stability and security in its western neighbor.

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Wed 13 - May 2015 - 11:39

President made the remarks here on Wednesday in a joint press conference with his visiting Iraqi counterpart Fouad Masoum.
president described Iraq as a united country, stressing that the Iraqi people will not allow foreigners to make decisions about the future of the Arab nation.
He said we are now keen to tell those who are sitting in the other half of the world hatching plots for the future of Iraq that it is a unified and sovereign country.
He stressed that the Iraqi people, as a great nation, have their own plans and will not allow other countries to even talk about disintegrating or dissolving their country.
Referring to the present good economic relations between the two countries, Rouhani said that he discussed with President Masoum further mutual cooperation on such areas as connecting railway networks and highways, passenger issues, energy, agriculture and industry.
He also noted that the two presidents discussed cooperation and coordination on the topic of Syria’s security and other significant regional issues including the situation in Yemen.
President Rouhani said the issue of Yemen is no longer limited to the region but rather affected the whole humanity.
The Yemeni issue is not a political or a regional issue, but a humanitarian one for the regional countries and the world, Dr.Rouhani said.
Stressing that Yemen is suffering from very adverse conditions now, the Iranian President said aids are necessary for the nation.
He also said a ceasefire in the real sense of the word has to be established in Yemen.
The Iraqi president, for his part, thanked Iran’s support for his country in fighting terrorists, including ISIL militants, and warned that the ISIL terrorist group poses a threat not only to Iraq but to the entire region.
Masum also called for a political solution to the crisis in Yemen and rejected any military intervention in the country.
President Masoum added that Tehran-Baghdad relations are at high level in all fields, including economic, culture and military sectors and 'we intend to expand it more.'

news id: 87026

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