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President at IRCS confab:

The bombing of innocent and defenseless people of Yemen, is a strategic mistake

President Rouhani stressing here on Saturday that the work of the Red Crescent and the International Red Cross is based on impartiality asked the Red Crescent society to put pressure on International Red Cross to help the oppressed and defenseless people of Yemen.

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Sat 09 - May 2015 - 11:40

President Rouhani made the remarks in a conference titled 'Caring Human Beings, Peaceful World' in a ceremony marking the beginning of the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) Week.
President said that unfortunately the policy is sometimes so strong than humanitarian aid and also overshadows it, said that Red Crescent voice is louder of governments sound.
He also deplored the measures that have prevented Iran’s humanitarian aid from entering into Yemen.
“If they are making excuses that Iran provides other types of assistance… let them receive our medical and pharmaceutical goods and deliver them to Yemen for help. The purpose is to save the innocent people of Yemen,” President Rouhani pointed out.
President Rouhani described the attack on the people of Yemen as unfair said: “A government which is unaware of the issues in the region and the world, and is also quite a beginner, has decided to show some muscle for the first time.”
He slammed as a “very big and strategic mistake” Saudi Arabia’s air strikes on Yemen, saying a country that has always relied on its petrodollars has wrongly decided to try bombs for the show of power.
'Red Crescent and the International Red Cross should make no distinction between Yemen and other countries,' he added.
'All human begins should be looked at as the same,' President Rouhani noted, reiterating that this is the message of IRCS in Yemen, Syria and any other countries.
President Rouhani also hailed the performance of the Iranian Red Crescent Society.
He described the body as the one which recognizes no borderlines, parties or political affiliations in rendering services and disregards even the religion and ethnicity of the people who need its services.
President Rouhani said the very essence of the activities of the Red Crescent Society is in compliance with the teachings of the Holy Quran which recommends all human beings to save people's lives.

news id: 86878

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