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President in a ceremony to hail the national Teacher’s Day:

Impose limits is not art, art is confer immunity

President Hassan Rouhani on Monday said that impose limits is not art, art is confer immunity and this is the main duty of teachers and education.

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Mon 04 - May 2015 - 12:51

President said in a ceremony here Monday to hail the national Teacher's Day which is held nationwide to commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Ayatollah Morteza Motahhari.
President said that the main duty of teachers 'is to promote religion and help Iranian students find a better understanding of it,' President Rouhani said.
President Rouhani maintained that the country has been exporting knowledge to the world without condescension for centuries and has never sought to monopolize science; “the problem with the West is that they seek to monopolize whatever knowledge they comes across; they take science hostage for a scientific, economic or even political dominance, but we Muslims do not follow the same approach. Without turning science into a tool for exerting pressure, we have made it accessible to all.”
He stressed that while the nation has to learn science and technology from across the world, it has to use its own religious, Islamic and domestic sources to cultivate ethics and morality.
'Teachers taught us how to read, write, understand and research,' said the President.
He stressed that teachers also teach ethics to the Iranian siblings.
President said his government recognizes right to protest for people of all walks of life.
He said education in Iran has to gradually quit the entirely state-owned system and become non-governmental.
Turning to the May 1st ceremonies in Iran this year, the President said that for the first time in the country, Iranian workers staged a rally on the occasion.

news id: 86761

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