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President in a meeting with Italian Foreign Minister:

Iran seeks expansion of relations with Italy / No reason to maintain sanctions Italian FM: To cooperate with Iran should not wait for results of Geneva talks

President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday that cooperation between Iran and Italy is beneficial to the two states, the region and the entire world as well.

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Sun 01 - March 2015 - 18:59

President Rouhani made the remarks in a meeting with Italian Foreign Minister Paulo Gentiloni.
Referring to longstanding economic and cultural cooperation between Iran and Italy, President Rouhani said that the two governments have positive and growing political resolve to develop trade and commerce.
Dr.Rouhani said that frequent meetings between Iran and Italy would improve bilateral relations; “the visits by both countries officials to Tehran and Rome would benefit the region and the world as well,” said President Rouhani, “both countries had long history of political and cultural relations; in political sphere, apart from business relations, we have developed improving relations in recent years,” he added.
President appreciated the positive role of Italy in nuclear negotiations; “haplessly, ill-conceived sanctions have damaged the European Union,” said he, calling on Italian companies to grasp the opportunity to cooperate with Iran.
President Rouhani believed that the world clearly saw Iran’s good will in nuclear negotiations, and that Iran had been always committed to its obligations; “all knew that Iran is quite serious in negotiations; the nuclear issue has no other solutions than negotiation; the negotiations sought fundamentally to create mutual confidence, and we believe that sanctions should be eliminated once altogether,” he emphasized.
President said that basis for nuclear talks is to try to find common grounds and mutual confidence-building and that there is no reason to maintain sanctions.
President Rouhani said that terrorism has posed major threat to the international community and that it needs a global cooperation to get rid of menaces of terrorism.
President Rouhani said that the Iranian government had repeatedly warned western governments that if they support terrorism in countries like Syria, Iraq and Libya, they will face such threats in their own homelands as well.
President Rouhani stressed that he is pleased with Iran being a big supporter for nations and governments fighting with terrorism and that Iran will never leave alone its neighbors in fight against terrorism.
The Italian Foreign Minister, for his part, appreciated President Rouhani views on his country's history and role and added that the two countries in spite of ups and downs in ties for past decades, still keep their own historical relations.
Gentiloni said that the aim of his visit to Iran is to declare resolve of Italian government to expand ties with Iran.
He said that the Iranian and Italian governments have mutual cooperation in the field of campaign against drug-trafficking and that the two countries should take bigger steps in economic cooperation and should not wait for results of Geneva talks.
He said: "In recent months, 'we witness presence of Italian large and small economic companies in Iran .'
He added that although commercial exchanges between Iran and Italy have fallen behind the level of the past, but comparing to the past several years it has enjoyed a growth.
The Italian senior diplomat said that he will tell to Italians that in spite of imposed sanctions there are plenty of capacities for constructive cooperation between the two countries.
Gentiloni underlined that access to a nuclear agreement is useful for Iran, Italy and world community and expressed his full support for the talks and wished for nuclear agreement to be achieved soon.

news id: 85092

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