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President at the end of his visit of Gom province:

US must take needed steps to return nuclear talks to right path / Iran want to deprive the enemy of sanctions' weapon

It is now the US that needs to take the required steps to get the nuclear negotiations back to their right path after their previous deviation, said the President Hassan Rouhani at the end of his visit of this holy city Thursday night.

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Thu 26 - February 2015 - 23:05

'Our relations with the countries around the globe, including China and the other Asian countries, have expanded meaningfully and our relations with the European countries, too, are expanding noticeably, not forgetting that the nuclear issue is one of the foreign policy issues, in which we need to deprive the enemy of sanctions' weapon as His Eminence the Leader interpreted, or the sanctions pretext,' said the president in a press conference late Thursday night.
President Rouhani said that the enemy is today grabbing a weapon spinning it in the dark, which might hurt someone, while by attending the nuclear negotiations, we are gripping the enemy's wrist and holding tight to it so that it will let go of that sword.
'Our efforts are aimed at urging the enemy to put down its sanctions weapon, because the sanctions are both unjust, undeserved, and against the rules of the human rights and in order to achieve that goal the negotiations are the best means,' he added.
President Rouhani said that in the nuclear talks Iran has acted in a way that if we will be successful our desirable goal is achieved and even if final success will not be achieved the world countries' judgment will be that the other side is violating the rules.
'The US administration officials, too, confess to this reality when they tell the US Congress that if the negotiations will fail the US can no longer preserve unity among the other side's members against Iran, which means they will get scattered and segregated,' he added.
In response to a reporter's question whether the US role has been constructive in recent efforts to resolve the nuclear dispute, or has it been like the past non-constructive and adversary, Dr.Rouhani said that beyond doubt these problems have been manufactured by the Americans.
'Had it not been due to their sabotage the nuclear talks with the three European countries would have definitely led to resolving the dispute and achieving a final agreement,' he added.
'Although the foreign ministers of those three countries were not confessing to that fact at that time, but their successors today clearly confirm that it was the Americans then who blocked the path for singing a final agreement,' he said reiterating that today, too, it is the Americans that need to spend efforts aimed at correcting the wrong steps that they have taken before.
Back to Iran's proactive and successful foreign policy, Dr.Rouhani said that Iran's relations with its neighbors, save for ties with one, or two of them, and have improved extraordinarily.
'Our relations with our eastern, western, northern and southern neighbors have expanded to an eye-catching extent and sometimes even more than doubled,' he said.

news id: 85015

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