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At the opening of an economic conference:

President calls for sustainable and comprehensive development / The economy has to get rid of rent-seeking individuals and policies

President Hassan Rouhani here on Sunday highlighted the importance of competitive economy for the country,said that we want sustainble and comprehensive development.

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Sun 04 - January 2015 - 10:13

He made the remarks in his opening speech to a gathering on the Iranian economy here on Sunday.
President Rouhani stressed that economic development and job creation need to use the intellectuals and experts’ views about the most important issues and developments in the country, especially in the economic sector.
President Rouhani stressed that reducing the rate of inflation must be pursued strictly, saying: "We must continue the country's economic development and we want sustainable and comprehensive development path."
He stressed that economy will in no way improve by monopolistic ways and that economy has to get rid of rent-seeking individuals and policies.
The president also urged all organizations to carry out their economic activities with total transparency.
President Hassan Rouhani highlighted an article of the Iranian Constitution which proposes public referendum for setting up regulations on certain important issues.
President noted that one significant article of the Iranian Constitution has been neglected so far.
He said that in the capacity of country's chief executive, he is keen to put into practice that part of the Constitution which proposes going to the public votes in top priority issues of economy, society, politics and culture when setting up regulations instead of referring them to the parliament.
While the parliament retains its supreme position as the legislative body, he added, people should be asked to directly vote about the issues which are of high importance for the country and have remarkable impact on their lives.
Once in 36 years since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, this chapter of the Constitution has to be implemented, the president noted.
He called for further concentration on the issue of economy and stressed the need for uprooting the economic corruption which he said is remarkable everywhere.
President underscored that the country will not trade its principles for reaching a nuclear agreement with the world powers.
"Our political experience tells us that a country cannot make constant growth in isolation but this doesn’t mean that we withdraw from our principles and causes," Dr.Rouhani said.
"Common threats, opportunities and interests are the bases of foreign policy discussions and principles and causes are not discussed in foreign policy," he added.
Dr.Rouhani stressed that the nuclear talks between Iran and the Group 5+1 is meant to bridge the gap between the two sides to provide for each other's demands.

news id: 83617

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