Iran intends to do away with the cruel sanctions once and for all

President Hassan Rouhani stating that Iranians should be confident that official will never forsake the nation's rights, said that Iran Intends to remove cruel sanctions forever.

Wed 22 - October 2014 - 12:26

President Rouhani addressed the gathering of people in the city of Zanjan in northwestern country on Wednesday.
He said even enemies should come to confess that "Our logic made us triumphant in talks."
Following a policy of constructive interaction with the world, the President stressed, Iran is involved in talks with big powers.
Saying that nuclear negotiating team has the support of both the Supreme Leader and the nation, he said Iran will continue with its constructive inter nation with big powers to solve problems.
President Rouhani further in his remarks focused on issues of ethics and moral standards in the society.
He referred to Iranian women as modest and chaste Muslims who observe their hijab.
He said no single person or group is to assume themselves as the guardian of morality in the country.
Noting that 'enjoining good and forbidding wrong' is a collective duty according to both Holy Quran and the Constitution, he said no person or party should personalize this task and act on their own.
He said Islam states that no particular group is in charge of advocating good and forbidding the evil.
Rather, the President added, community as a whole is in charge of responsibility of enjoining good and forbidding wrong.

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