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In a TV interview:

President voices optimism about reaching a comprehensive agreement in nuclear talks

President Hassan Rouhani during a TV interview aired on Iran’s IRIB on Monday night explained his government’s achievements in various fields of political, economic and cultural.

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Mon 13 - October 2014 - 22:12

President said that we will find a solution to the nuclear subject and we believe that the two sides will certainly reach a win-win agreement.
The president also explained that it is difficult to resolve a 12-year-old dilemma in one or two days, but stressed that “good steps” have been taken to end the West’s standoff on Iran’s civilian nuclear work.
“The people now feel that the era of high turbulence in their foreign relations is over, and that is while the nuclear negotiations is a part of our foreign relations,” said President Rouhani.
He said that the big world powers are now volunteers for talks with high-ranking Iranian officials and the country’s foreign policy has taken a long stride forward.
World countries have accepted that Iran should have access to nuclear technology and that this issue should be resolved through negotiations, the president said.
He voiced optimism about reaching a comprehensive agreement before the November 24th deadline; saying “good steps” had been taken to resolve the issue.
“Reaching a final agreement (in the nuclear field) is a major task. There is now agreement over the general points with the 5+1 Group and Iran’s nuclear right is today officially recognized,” said the president.
He added, believing that Iran and G5+1 have developed an agreement about fundamentals of the nuclear issue.
President Rouhani said that there are still differences of opinion over certain details and it cannot be predicted precisely when the final agreement will be achieved, but there is no doubt that Iran’s return to the conditions it experienced a year ago in that respect is not possible.
Elsewhere, the president made comments on Iran’s economy, saying his government has succeeded in creating a stable condition conducive to economic growth.
President said that the country had nearly $50 billion worth of non-oil exports and imports in the first six months of the Iranian calendar year (started on March 21).
The rate of increase in Iran’s inflation has dropped to about one percent a month, he stated, noting that the country’s inflation will fall below 20 percent up to the end of this year (March 20, 2015).
President called the decline in the inflation and the country’s move out of the recession a great victory for the Iranian nation.
“I congratulate the nation on this great economic victory as it is the work of the people. Was it not for the people’s optimism and presence in the economy we would not be able to make such an achievement.”
the president outlined the government’s achievements in different economic areas and said statistical figures on export-import in the first half of the current year confirm such an achievement.
He said in the first six months of the current year (started March 21) imports amounted to $26 billion and exports to $23 billion making a total of about $50 billion of export and import of non-oil products. He expressed hope that the figure will increase to about $100 billion by the year end.
“In the past six months liquidity has moved in a right direction, first towards Stock Exchange and then to the banks. Today, banks can more freely grant facilities so that facilities in the first five months of the current year increased by 40.5% as compared to the same period last year and the main part of the facilities were granted as working capital.”
Stressing that the sharp growth in inflation has been harnessed, Dr.Rouhani said this did not mean that there was no inflation. “If we pay attention to statistics in this regard we can realize that prior to the 11th government inflation rate used to be 3 to 5 percent on monthly basis but in our government the growth was maximum 1 percent instead of 3 and in some months it was even below 1 percent.”
“We welcome criticism and expert commentary; however, nobody would cast doubt on our figures given in statistics,” Dr.Rouhani said, calling the public to be satisfied with the progresses made towards prosperity.
On the second phase of Targeted Subsidies Plan, president pointed to the popular demand by experts that a second phase should be abandoned, since the promise made to control the inflation would be hit by the Plan; “however, we had no alternative plan,” Rouhani added, admitting that “economic conditions did not permit a giant step forward to be taken in second phase; we did control inflation, though,” he said.
President Rouhani believed that he had lived to his presidential election campaign promises production, health and food security. “Today, 6,200,000 people are covered with health insurance,” he illustrated his claims.
President Rouhani said that the environment has a top priority for his government, because it is directly related to the people’s health.
President reiterated that resolving environmental problems requires planning.
He referred to water shortage as a major challenge of the country.
He also called for preservation of Urumiyeh Lake and Zayanderud which are drying up.
“We have several plans for Lake Urmia, as a typhoon would destroy the agriculture in 10 provinces by burying the cultivations with thick layers of salt,” he added.

news id: 81811

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