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Development requires benefitting from elites

President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday that development of each country requires benefitting from scholars, scientists and artists.

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Sun 18 - May 2014 - 15:09

ˈAny country that is moving towards progress and development has taken proper advantage of its scientists and artists and meanwhile attached great significance to technology, expertise and knowledge, ˈsaid the President in an address to a ceremony to commemorate national elites and artists.
During the ceremony, President Rouhani awarded 19 elite professors and nine artists with the Alame Tabatabai and Shahid Avini plaques of honor.
“In dealing with elites, we should allow more tolerance; we usually have not tolerated others under whatsoever a pretext; while the developed countries have optimally employed their elites and the best talents to find national prestige and power,” said Dr. Rouhani.
"Elites and honoring them is a means to national power and wealth, which are two sides of the same coin,” he added, “we do need knowledge so that we attain development; to attain knowledge, we need innovation, invention, and scientific discovery.”
Dr.Rouhani believed that the brilliant talents and elites required an environment and milieu conducive to flourish. “The developed countries attract elites from any geography and ethnicity; the very nature of being elite is license for countries to attract them, and elites’ birthplace and ethnicity are quite irrelevant here,” he asserted.
Stressing the significance of paying due attention to innovation and exploitation by domestic scholars, scientists and elites, President Rouhani regretted that some inside the country have failed to deal properly with elites, those who are living abroad, in particular.
President Rouhani censured the current conditions of the country which contributed to brain drain. "We should support and save our elites and foreign elites and talented individuals willing to come to Iran as well through allowing a bit more tolerance,” President Rouhani demanded.

news id: 77562

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