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President on the sideline of the opening ceremony of the 15th meeting of the Experts Assembly:

Government will by no means cross the red lines in the nuclear talks

President Hassan Rouhani here on Tuesday Stressing that his government will by no means cross the red lines, the President assured that the rights of the Iranian nation in the nuclear talks will be safeguarded. Nobody is to worry about this particular issue, he added.

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Tue 04 - March 2014 - 12:53

Talking to reporters on the sideline of the opening ceremony of the 15th meeting of the Experts Assembly, he said Iran has to initiate new moves within the framework of the policies of the resistance economy.
However, he said, in the meantime efforts should be undertaken to lift the anti-Iran sanctions as they exert pressures on the Iranian nation.
The President noted that major parts of the sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council have come into effect through the US Congress and a number of European countries.
President Rouhani said Iran’s ultimate goal is to have sanctions lifted while maintaining its nuclear rights.
This, he stressed, means that Iran will continue its nuclear enrichment activities as a trust-building gesture in a bid to rob enemies of the opportunities to use it as an excuse to provoke the public opinions, international bodies and legal and political figures against Iran.
President Rouahni said he is optimistic about the outcomes of the nuclear talks although no one knows about the result of any political negotiations.
He said as the whole world has admitted by now, Iran has been successful in the first step in the nuclear talks.
The President said what Americans are saying in this regard is merely resulted from the pressures exerted on them by their own public opinion, the Zionist and radical lobbies as well as certain countries.
He said nuclear talks could come to a final agreement even in the first six-month if the other parties involved in the talks manifest good will.
President Rouhani said the resistance economy will set the pattern for the Iranian economic policies in coming years.
He said the resistance economy policies will bring about such a degree of economic strength enabling the country to go steadily ahead without suffering from the attempts by the evil elements.

news id: 75691

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