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President in a meeting with industrialists and directors of big companies:

Unique opportunities in Iran for profitable investment

President Hassan Rouhani invited world investors and industrialists to invest in all branches of Iran’s industry, especially in energy and automobile ones and participate in Iran’s economic development experience.

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Thu 23 - January 2014 - 23:15

On Thursday, President Rouhani on the second day of his visit to Davos, Switzerland, to attend the 44th World Economic Forum (WEF) addressed a meeting with industrialists and directors of big companies here on Thursday evening.
In the meeting, President Rouhani underlined that different political and economic risks are decreasing in the country and Iran’s economy is rising again and unique opportunities are emerging for profitable investments.
President said that the ground is quite paved for making investments in every possible economic field in Iran and that his presence in the forum was an appropriate opportunity for familiarizing the participants with the high capacities and potentials of the Iranian economy.
Elaborating on the new economic and investment conditions in Iran, President Rouhani said that today the Iranian economy is the closest, most harmonious, and highest capacity economy to the newly emerging, successful economies, arguing that the Iranian economy will be moving along with and side by side with the global economy.
The president said, “I invite those who are present at this gathering to visit Iran and to observe the broad investment and joint cooperation potentials that can contribute to boosting security personally.”
He said that in such visits they could get in close contact with the state and private sector economic activists, get in touch with the Iranian culture and civilization, and observe the exemplary Iranian hospitality.
President Rouhani said that that way the Iranians and their guests from around the globe will together come up with the conclusion that only through interactions, cooperation, harmony, mutual understanding, and economic and technological growth we can provide better living conditions for the people, stabilize peace, and build up a world devoid of aggression and extremism.

news id: 74233

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