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President’s speech addressing the 44th world Economic Forum

President Hassan Rouhani in his address to the 44th World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Thursday said interaction is an essential requirement of the today world.

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Thu 23 - January 2014 - 14:34

President Rouhani described this international forum as a unique opportunity to expand global interactions with the objective of addressing the concerns and talk about different ideas.
President Rouhani said he is in Davos to convey the Iranian nation’s message of friendship, interaction and peace to the officials, intellectuals and entrepreneurs attending the gathering from several world countries.
Pointing to the global economic developments during the past six years, President Rouhani asserted that no country can settle its own problems while ignoring others.
The globalization has demonstrated itself in the form of the global economic crisis, President Rouhani said.
ˈWe are all on board of one boat. If we do not choose a wise captain, storm would hit us, ˈ he noted.
He said Iran enjoys the highest rate in human development indexes among the developing countries as well as the Middle East states.
The Iranian government is ready to cooperate with its neighboring countries in the fields of environmental issues, safety of nuclear reactors, joint economic projects, expanding trade transactions, safeguarding the Palestiniansˈ rights, preventing a human catastrophe in Syria, and establishment of the Persian Gulf security as well as tackling extremism and terrorism, he said.
ˈI believe that expansion of economic, social, cultural and tourism cooperation plays a pivotal role in establishment of peace and security in the region, ˈPresident Rouhani added.
He emphasized that flames of violence and terrorism will certainly burn the agitators.
President Hassan Rouhani announced that one of the theoretical and practical priorities of his government is constructive engagement with the world.
He said he believed that peace and security in the Middle East region are indebted to economic relations, social and cultural cooperation, tourism, activation of private sectors and cooperation of world elites.
As to importance of regional cooperation, Dr.Rouhani reiterated that Tehran is determined to establish profound and amicable relations with its neighboring states including Turkey, Iraq, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Persian Gulf littoral states, the Caucasus and the Central Asian states.
He also said that relations with Europe will be normalized as the interim nuclear accord, reached between Iran and 5+1 in Geneva, is implemented.
President said Iran enjoys the highest rate in human development indexes among the developing countries as well as the Middle East states.
President stressed that the Iranian nation will not give up its nuclear rights.
Tehran will continue its peaceful nuclear activities under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), President Rouhani noted.
Iran is determined to reach a comprehensive nuclear deal with 5+1 - the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany -, stressed the President.
Tehran will follow all international regulations over its nuclear energy program, but will not accept any discrimination in that regard and will not give up its nuclear rights, said Dr.Rouhani.
He said that the Islamic Republic of Iran has no plans to produce nuclear weapons.
He brused aside the western accusations that Iranian nuclear program is a covert plan to produce nuclear weapons.
He told the World Economic Forum that he is an advocate of “prudent moderation” as he pursued a diplomatic offensive to remove his country’s image.
The president said he sought “constructive engagement” with Iran’s neighbors and pledged that his country had no intention of acquiring nuclear weapons.
Referring to international conference to persuade Syrian government representatives and their exiled adversaries to sit down face-to-face at peace talks seeking an end to Syria’s nearly three-year civil war, President Rouhani said that the Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the Syrian people must decide their own fate away from foreign intervention.
He said he would push for greater engagement with the world as part of his drive to make the Iranian economy one of the top 10 within the next three decades.
ˈI view Iranˈs economy as the most congruent, capable and closest to that of successful emerging economies, and I see Iranˈs place alongside them in the future.ˈ
Dr.Rouhani said the country intended to reopen trade and industrial and economic relations with its neighbors.
Elsewhere in his speech, he described the Davos summit as a good opportunity to exchange views on the better management of world affairs.

news id: 74125

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