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President’s Condolences Message on Mandelaˈs demise

In a message addressed to the South African president, President Hassan Rouhani condoled with him and his nation on sad demise of the late iconic leader, Nelson Mandela.

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Fri 06 - December 2013 - 09:23

ˈI was informed about the demise of the former president of the friend country, South Africa, his eminence Nelson Mandela to my great sorrow and deep grief,ˈ president wrote in the message to President Jacob Zuma.
ˈNelson Mandela doubtlessly believed in freedom and equality of the human beings, not only in his country, but around the globe and never hesitated in this firm belief,ˈ added Dr.Rouhani.
ˈIn this road that was abundant with ups and downs and filled with pain all along, including suffering homelessness, being away from home and family, and long periods of imprisonment, he gave meaning and spirit to the long road towards liberty gloriously,ˈ He said.
ˈHe was doubtlessly a unique personality who after achieving victory and bearing fruit of the campaign merged ethics with politics and tasted the sweet taste of forgiving, while not forgetting, and permitted even his prison keepers and those who had kept him behind bars to taste it,ˈ added the president.
Dr.Rouhani said that Mandela left a rarely precedence memory for the human beings around the globe and the miracle of his life was that he knew how he was engineering it.
ˈWe are not only witnesses to the results of his wise policies in harmony among the races and their unity in efforts aimed at constructing the South Africa, but also to the precious results of that fully hopeful and joyous life that are sensed throughout the African continent in terms of achieving liberty and equality and uprooting the malicious traces which had remained from the colonialist and hegemonic eras, blowing wisdom and vivaciousness into the lives of the people,ˈ he said.
The president in is message grievingly condoled with the South African president Mandelaˈs bereaved family members, and the great South African nation, praying for the eternal peace of soul of that revered personality.

news id: 73214

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