Iran’s political determination clear in Geneva talks

President Hassan Rouhani said Saturday that Tehran's political determination to play a win-win game in nuclear talks with the West has become clear during latest talks held between Iran and the Group 5+1 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Sat 19 - October 2013 - 10:15

President Rouhani’s remarks were made during a meeting here with new Ambassador of Switzerland to Iran Giulio Haas who submitted his credentials to the Iranian president.
President Rouhani stressed the need for focusing on a win-win game at the international relations as a win-lose approach would no longer lead to a useful result in the present world, he said.
I believe during the Geneva talks, Iran's political determination has become clear for all parties, said the President referring to the talks which ended on October 16 in Geneva,Switzerland.
President Rouhani said the government of Switzerland has the potentials to act more than just a host country in Iran nuclear talks with the West and could take necessary measures to help further develop the talks between the two sides.
Referring to Switzerland as a country that represents US in Iran, President Rouhani expressed hope that the new ambassador would convey Iran's good-will to the American side.

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