President meeting 57 prominent scientific US characters: Having Atomic bombs is a stigma for any country and any nation
Saturday 01 August 2015 - 05:54
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President stressed: “Having nuclear bombs does not bear prestige and grandeur for any person; Atomic bomb is a stigma for any nation .The people who produce atomic bombs, they in advance proclaim to be professional ruffians and thugs.

President meeting 57 prominent scientific US characters:

Having Atomic bombs is a stigma for any country and any nation

President stressed: “Having nuclear bombs does not bear prestige and grandeur for any person; Atomic bomb is a stigma for any nation .The people who produce atomic bombs, they in advance proclaim to be professional ruffians and thugs.

Thursday 23 September 2010 - 19:15

President on Wednesday evening visited 57 prominent and scientific US characters from the famous US universities on the international area and discussed the most important issues and even the matters of Iran, and answered the questions.

At the beginning of the session he said that the management crisis is the most important one for the world, if you pay attention to the wars and insecurities and class difference, you will then realize that all of them originate from the ruling management of the world, today we face management crisis and the world management theoretically and practically faces many hard and acute issues.

President said: “Essentially the kind and type of the democratic governments face legitimacy crisis; the most important reason of it, is that based on elections the people who are on top of management positions, they have less than half of the votes from the constituencies. Majority of the constituencies do not have the qualification to set up government , and a ruling party to come to power possessing %26 or %27 of the whole votes from the constituencies and these , therefore the legitimacy of these systems are under question ,based on this reason the trust of the people to the management has declined ,and when there is no confidence ,there will be no assistance ,and even when there is no assistance ,the plans will have no pleasant results.

He mentioned: “The rectification of the world's situation is the most important mission; there should be managers ruling that firstly possess qualifications and a global perspective and secondly believe nations have dignity and rights, and deserve to receive reverence and in thus they base justice in their management .He added: “Today it is not possible to manage the world with a group and clan perspective correctly. He mentioned: “The capitalistic system could not meet the needs of mankind and manage the world correctly, today the capitalistic system is in a complete deadlock, and the nations think that the capitalistic thoughts and the capitalistic system have been annulled and it cannot continue, and the efforts made for maintaining this system, because nations do not support it, will go nowhere.

Dr.Ahmadinejad mentioned: “The most important mission of today is group-thinking regarding the world management and finding solutions to rectify it .He asserted : “Economical structures were not able to save the management from crumbling in crisis ,and even to predict this crisis. He said that the efforts made for saving the capitalistic system are useless, and continued: “The reason is that the management of the world instinctively has faults, and its base is on injustice and heavy rivalry in maximum profiting while the resources are limited. The system will sooner or later face a gridlock. And today this situation is completely obvious.

The president stressed: “Peace and world security depend on the review of the world management .He continued: “Management is successful when all the nations and states are actively participating equally with a bright context ,when few states imagine to be able to manage the world themselves and the rest of the states and nations must follow those few ,This idea has vanished ,the world management requires fair and honest managers, and the managers should have in theory and practice possess management competencies in the international spheres.

The president talked of a few unjust and unfair management samples and added : “Today Palestine is a sore that if it has been treated well ,years ago its issue would be solved, but the sore of this country has grown more intricate for 60 years, so far there have been tens of plans for Palestine which all failed ,and the main reason for it is the ruling management of the world and the international centers, which do not have a fair perspective on this matter, these claim that few people are the proprietors of the human rights and have a racial perspective ,and thus because of these situations the issues of the world do not get solved, and the new talks which have already been incepted ,will have no result because the perspective has not been changed. The correction of the world management needs the participation of every one and it should be a practical and theoretical management.

The president mentioned: “The security council has not been prosperous in achieving this most important mission. Today maybe one of the credit less institutions is the security council thus it is exigent that the ruling world management to be rectified and sited in a right constructive course.

In response to a remark from a university professor asking , if Iran is allowed to have nuclear bomb ,will it represent a preventive aspect or a prestige and greatness, the president specified: “Atomic bombs do not bring prestige for any country ,and it is the stigma for a country to atomic bombs ,the people who produce bombs ,in fact in advance they announce that they are professional ruffian and thugs and even if they give such possibility to Iran ,we will never produce atomic bombs,since we know it is harmful, and based on our beliefs we do not accept. They had better stop showing shenanigans against Iranians using peaceful nuclear energy.

Dr.Ahmadinejad pointed out: “We believe that the period of using nuclear bombs has ended and no one is able to use nuclear bombs any more, the Zionistic regime although has been announced to own more than 200 nuclear lids but could not use them in the war against Lebanon and Palestine, nuclear bombs could not even rescue Soviet Union from melting down, and it could not even cause US to win in Iraq.

The president asserted: “Anyone trying to produce nuclear bombs in fact encourages everyone to produce them; today the root of many of the human issues is the presence of nuclear bombs which are in the hands of the bully powers.

Dr.Ahmadinejad mentioned : “Iran is not afraid of the US nuclear bombs ,because they do not have any applications, and the US administration has to only pay the warehousing and maintenance charges from the side of the taxes of the rate-payers ,of course I am worried concerning the US people because based on some reports so far around 11 nuclear bombs of the US have been lost, essentially storing and maintaining nuclear bombs in US and his military bases in the world is perilous and unsettling.


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