- President emphasizes, Islam belonging to all humanity
Sunday 02 August 2015 - 12:45
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Moslem clergies and Olama have great responsibility to present truth of religion to human community.

President emphasizes, Islam belonging to all humanity

Moslem clergies and Olama have great responsibility to present truth of religion to human community.

Wednesday 22 September 2010 - 08:28

The president expressed: “Today the thought and the religion of Islam are fast spreading in the world, he mentioned: “The devils are very unhappy with this matter, and want the truth to be forgotten through creating difference and confrontation.

Dr.Ahmadinejad Monday morning New York local time visited Olama and the US Islamic characters and stressed: “Islam, Quran, and the great prophet are not belonging to only the Moslems, but to all mankind. He continued; all the prophets have been assigned from the side of God and all of them are dear and respectable .We should be conscientious because the enemies are after their material interests via inducing distance and difference.

Ominous step of burning Quran is not on the Christianity.

The president touched upon the event of burning Quran mentioned; this event is mostly a kind of complex – manifestation and revengefulness and certainly this ominous step is not on Christianity.

Dr.Ahmadinejad stressed on the role of the Olama's high position and the US Muslim clergies in presenting the lean Islamic values of the human community and continued; your attraction in the US community should be more than the distraction because if the religion of God is correctly introduced all the nations will be attracted to it.

The president continued saying that the Zionistic regime is being annihilated and even if there is no measure taken , the Zionistic regime will be annihilated .They want through creating tension and grapples in the region , save this regime from annihilation .

Dr.Ahmadinejad mentioned: "The period of capitalism ended, and continued; if the nations welcomed the capitalistic system with eagerness 30 years ago, today the dominant parties cannot impose their decision upon others through force, which means that this is a gridlock for the capitalistic regime.

The president stressed; we should hand in hand make a very bright future which is belonging to the believers and monotheists , and no doubt in the new world the people who have raised devil for hundred years , will have no place in it.

On Thursday’s speech at the UN General Assembly I will mention some things regarding the event of 11th of September.

Dr.Ahmadinejad in another part of his speech touched upon some parts of the US Olama's and Islamic characters' remarks and said: “It has been said correctly that the motto of fighting terrorism is a cover to fight Islam .If we suppose that the claim of hiding of the people who were 'as they say ' engaged in the 11th September right, is the confrontation against them right to attack the country of Afghanistan?

The president added: “In the event of 11th September it has been announced that some three thousand people were killed concerning which we all got impressed, but under the plea of this event in Afghanistan so far some 11 thousand people have been killed, and the adventure still continues, and this thing shows that the method of confronting and the plan to fight the terrorism have been erroneous. Of course in the speech on Thursday I will mention some matters regarding the event of 11th September.

Dr.Ahmadinejad reminded; the bully powers never actually retaliate against the terrorists, but instead they retaliate against the Moslems, when the ordinary people's wedding ceremonies are bombarded, this does not mean fighting terrorism .the steps of the dominant power show that their aims are far more complicated and extensive than their mottos, which they chant towards fighting terrorism.

The president touched upon the words of another US Muslim Olama regarding maintaining unity and the efforts of the enemies to create differences: “Today all of us need unity all of the believers irrespective of color and race are brothers with each other and unity is a step below brotherhood.

There are very serious Perils threatening human community.

Dr.Ahmadinejad added: “Today there are serious dangers threatening not only the Muslims but the whole human community.

He mentioned: “Today the culture of capitalism is introduced as the American values, and the only thing that capitalism believes is merely unilateral and endless profit. Capitalistic culture victimizes all the divine and human values such as family, conviction, belief, zeal, courage, faith, and honesty for gaining profit .The followers of this culture must for gaining profit wage wars, and shed blood, through which they can sell their military weapons and today they sign contracts with the scale of tens of billions dollars with the countries in the region.

Culture and thoughts of Iran belong to all mankind.

Dr.Ahmadinejad talked about the words of one of the Olama who said that the attack on Iran is the attack on the whole Islam. He said: "Today Iran does not only pertain to the people who are living in it ,but it has a culture and thought which belong to all the Muslims and all the humanity .wherever there is an oppressed at any part of the world ,Iran is there too ,and we are defending that as we know is a an Islamic duty .Today our brothers in the middle east can rest assured that The Islamic Iran is beside them and it is certain that Iran will defend them .Obama could have taken some great steps that would conduce to modifying the image of the US.

The president touched upon the remarks of another Muslim and said: “We have welcomed this subject from scratch and we believe that Mr.Obama could have taken some great steps for changing and modifying the US image in the world, but the domination of Zionists on the basis of this country does not allow him to take measures in this way .I have recently sent a letter after arresting an evil terrorist and his confession for Mr.Obama. Today the least expectation from Mr.Obama is that he announces to the people who are pressurizing him disabling him to perform his plans.

Dr.Ahmadinejad reminded; Islamic Republic of Iran is after correcting and changing unfair ties of the world and we have several times announced that we welcome real changes and we hope that this change will soon be made.

There is no difference among the followers of the revolution and Imam and the leader.

The president remarked regarding the statements of another Olama about the heads of sedition and the necessity of national reconciliation; today 75 million of Iranians are more united than before and are available on the stage, on the 22nd Bahman last year, it has probably been unprecedented during the 30 years ago, and there is no problem in this regard but some people show the circumstance of Iran differently.

Dr.Ahmadinejad specified: “There is no difference among the followers of the revolution and Imam and the leader.

The president said: “If whatever they manifest is right and there are strong differences in Iran, then the enemies would not hesitate to attack Iran for even one moment .The enemies are afraid of the unity of Iran and know that the people of Iran have already known their responsibilities and they do these responsibilities in the best way possible.

Dr.Ahmadinejad stressed on supporting the Muslim nations; Iran fully supports the Islamic nation of Palestine, Lebanon and other nations and justice-seeking as a human and Islamic duty. No doubt today if the Islamic Republic of Iran recognizes the Zionistic regime then the propaganda system of the imperialistic government will soon recognize Iran as a democratic and freedom-seeking state supporting human rights, but you must know that the Islamic Republic of Iran never recognizes this spurious, antihuman regime.

Iran respectfully mentions the mistakes of the US administration

The president touched upon the remarks of one of the Olama regarding condemning the measures of US administration; Iran respectfully mentions the mistakes of the US administration,and we hope that he will modify them .The problem of US and the western system is that there have been some one hundred years that they spoke and others only listened and during this period they have not listened at all thus their tongues grew long , but today the time has come for this equation to change.

Dr.Ahmadinejad added: “The people who killed one million people in Iraq instead of being accountable before their criminal measures they are claimants ,these unfair claims must grow changed such a day is near.

The president remarked on the word of one of the Olama regarding jurisprudence; it is the link associating mankind with God, and it is of affection, light, and love.

Dr.Ahmadinejad stressed: “Human community and mankind more than before needs jurisprudence and prophet hood.

The president added: “Today the worshippers of mundane world and the hegemony-seekers have mobilized themselves to destroy the pivotal point of the monotheists and justice-seekers, thus last year two TV networks have been set up in England and US to impact the elections, but so far they have failed in reaching their atrocious and filthy aims and they will fail everlastingly. Their measures did not have effect, because they are based on lies and deceits.


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