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Dr Rouhani in a press conference with domestic and international journalists:

Gov’t doesn’t let some to delay lift of sanctions; we won’t let a minute of delay/ JCPOA stood against Trump with a broken arm, humiliated him 3 times in UNSC

In a meeting with domestic and international journalists, the President talked about the most important issues of the country and explained the positions of the Islamic Republic of Iran on regional and international issues, stressing that the government will not allow some to delay the lift of sanctions and will not let it to be delayed for even a minute”.

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Mon 14 - December 2020 - 16:25

Speaking in the meeting that was held on Monday evening within the framework of the instructions approved by the National Task Force Against Coronavirus with a small number of journalists attending, Dr Hassan Rouhani stressed that the government does not have time to address the misleading issues and the government is dedicated to providing services to the people until the last day in office.

Referring to the seven years and a few months of the government’s term, and the remaining seven months until the end of this government, the president said, "The coincidence of the economic war with the outbreak of Coronavirus are the most difficult days and months that the dear people of our country are going through, and the government is responsible for running the country in the most difficult conditions”.

Dr Rouhani also went on to state, "The highest economic growth in the world was recorded by this government for Iran in 2016, adding, "During these seven years, we have done what we promised the people in many areas, our promise to the people, which were moderation, constructive interaction with the world, lifting sanctions from people’s shoulders and bringing them to their rights, and establishing the nuclear right as a legal right, all came true”.

The President added, "We established the nuclear right as a legal right for the people of Iran. Our nuclear activity was legal, but from 2015 onwards, our nuclear activity became legal".

“Until then, they considered our activities within the framework of Security Council regulations illegal, but we legalised this nuclear right for the Iranian people, removed the country from the PMD case and the Agency's difficult conditions, and the actions we took during this period were acceptable management,” he said.

The President continued, "In other words, in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, we had an economic management that was able to save the country from both recession and severe inflation, and to create self-sufficiency in the essentials needed by the people”.

He stated, "We approached self-sufficiency in wheat and to some extent in sugar and rice, and we reached self-sufficiency in the field of gas, petrol and diesel, which we were previously importers".

“For the first time, Iran's sweet gas production in the twelfth government reached one billion cubic metres,” said President Rouhani.

Dr Rouhani stated that the putting into operation of important railway projects will begin by the end of this government, and said, "One of the honours of this government is the transformation in rail transportation, including wagon construction, locomotive manufacturing and production of railways”.

“We have connected the provinces of Hamedan, Kermanshah, West Azerbaijan and Gilan to the nationwide railway system, and by the end of this government we will connect the Caspian Sea to the railways in Gilan and the Caspian to Rasht,” he continued.

He further referred to the issue of COVID-19 outbreak and said, "Regarding coronavirus, we started a proportionate management from the beginning and we are one of the countries that regularly provided accurate statistics to the people, and you know that in this regard, not all countries did this”.

The government does not have time to address the misleading issues and the government is dedicated to providing services to the people until the last day in office, he said, adding, "We do not have time to answer some allegations and this not because we are week, but it is because we do not have time to do so”.

Dr Rouhani emphasised, "The government wants to spend its time serving the people until the last day and provide services, and one of the services that the government is pursuing strongly is to break the sanctions, and it is very hopeful that it will take good steps in this regard, because Trump's economic war has failed and the whole world recognises that they have lost this war”.

The president said that the whole world is pressuring the United States to return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), adding, "Trump's main goal was to ruin the JCPOA, which was unsuccessful, and of course, some people inside wanted the deal to be ruined”.

Dr Rouhani said, "We did our best to keep the deal alive so that it could play its role in the country again in due time. We have achieved our rights in the JCPOA, and of course we do not mean that the negotiations and the agreement that have been reached are perfect; only God is flawless, and everything in the world has flaws and shortcomings, and there may be flaws in this agreement, but it is a relatively important historical agreement and it is certainly unprecedented in the history of Iran and in the history of the region. I do not think that one country can negotiate with the six major countries and succeed under sanctions”.

The president said, "Some people wanted to ruing the JCPOA so that there would not be such deal, but we kept it, and this JCPOA stood against Trump at the United Nations with a broken arm and humiliated the United States and Trump three times, and one of our goals is to achieve our nuclear goals and the rights of the people”.

He continued, "One of the services of the Twelfth Government was that it did not prevent the JCPOA from being ruined and to be able to play its role again”.

Dr Rouhani further referred to the lift of sanctions and said, "The of sanctions means that people have achieved one of their absolute rights, and the end of sanctions by the United States means that economic terrorism and crime have stopped”.

Emphasising that the government will not allow some people to delay the lift of the sanctions, the President said, "There are some who want the lift of sanctions to be delayed, but we will not consent to this for a minute and we will stand against them. These sanctions must be broken and this is the right of the people. The United States must return to the commitments it has already made, and as we said before, if everyone returns to their full commitments, we will return to our full commitments”.

Then the President answered the questions of journalists.

“The government is doing its best to remove the unjust sanctions from people’s shoulders at the earliest possible opportunity, and this is one of the important tasks of the government, and even if this time is possible, I will not postpone it until the next hour,” he said.

He added, "If some day the P4+1 or the P5+1 fulfils all their obligations, the government will immediately fulfil all its obligations, so everything that is stated in the JCPOA agreement will be lifted economically, like oil and other items that the Trump administration has imposed”.

“The title of what the parliament has approved is a strategic action to lift the sanctions and not to continue the sanctions, and the parliament seeks to lift the sanctions and adopt principles that will remove the sanctions. Now, whether this law meets its purpose or not is another matter,” said Rouhani.

The President also went on to state, "In the fifth phase, when I announced that we have a reduction in commitments, I explicitly stated that we would no longer have any commitment to enrichment, nor would we impose any restrictions on R&D as well as other matters related to our nuclear programme”.

He continued, "So what is being done now, whether to activate IR2M or what the parliament has announced to do some other nuclear activities, is all in the form of what I announced to the world last year and said that we consider no commitment in enrichment, so now we will not have a problem if the United States returns and makes up for past mistakes and Mr Biden's government returns to the 2017 situation, we will fully return to our commitments and we will not have a problem”.

The President answered a question on the recent legislation passed by the parliament and added, "Of course, the government has already stated its position on this legislation that it does not consider this law useful, and I made my opinion explicit before it was finally approved. This is not my personal opinion and there is a consensus in the government. The government unanimously does not consider this law useful for the country”.

“If we want to put pressure on the other side, it is what we have done last year, that is, we set aside all our obligations in 5 stages one after the other. I ordered the relevant ministers and relevant deputies to prepare the executive regulations of this law. I hope that by the end of this week, and probably next Wednesday or Sunday, the government will present its bylaws and approve them, and when they are approved based the interpretation that we have of this law for implementation, it will be implemented and we will write its bylaws based on it. The title is the law that wants to lift the sanctions, not the law that delays the lifting of sanctions”.

 “What has made us successful and victorious has been the resistance and perseverance of the people, and if we break the sanctions, it is what people did, and we did it on behalf of the people,” said Rouhani.

Answering China’s CCTV’s question on the policy of maximum pressure of the United States, he said, "Both survival of the JCPOA and the cooperation of all the important countries, are important for the stability of the world and the region. We are still looking for close relations with all countries in the world, especially with countries like Russia and China, as well as very close and good cooperation with the European Union and our neighbours”.

“The assassination of Martyr Fakhrizadeh was the action of those who wanted to bring the region to war in the last days of Trump's infamous administration, this was their main goal. The main goal of the Zionist Regime in assassinating Martyr Fakhrizadeh was to create instability and war in the last days of the Trump administration,” said Rouhani.

He added, "The Islamic Republic of Iran, despite the fact that it considers Martyr Fakhrizadeh as a scientist and reserves the right to take revenge for his blood and will take revenge at the right time and in the right place, but we will not allow others to tell us the time and place. At the same time, the stability of the region is very important for us”.

He continued, "You know that we presented the Hormuz Peace Endeavour for the Persian Gulf region. The Hormuz Peace Endeavour was presented to the UN General Assembly last year, and then it was sent to all the heads of state in the region, six countries in the southern Persian Gulf, as well as Iraq, and this peace plan is still on the table, and we are ready to talk about this peace plan”.

“On a question on how much he hopes that Biden's administration will correct Trump's hostile policies toward Iran, the President said, "We believe that the situation in the next US administration will change. Those previous conditions do not remain. Even if Trump stayed, situation would change, now that Mr Biden has won this election, situation will change. We are interested in expanding relations with European and Western countries and with our neighbours, and we are working on this basis” said Rouhani.

Stating that if we want to claim compensation from the US for the damages they made to our economy, it will prolong the sanctions, he said, "If we say that, it means that the sanctions will continue for another 5 years, and some said that it is good for the sanctions to continue for another 5 years, and what we are saying today is that if the P5+1 returns to all its commitments, we will immediately return to all our commitments”.

Answering a question regarding “Mr Joe Biden has stated that he would like to return to the nuclear deal, but this time they are looking for a stronger agreement that would include missile programme and Iran’s regional influence,” the President said, "I ​​haven’t heard what you quoted from Mr Biden. Assuming everyone says that -Germany or anyone else- we will not accept any preconditions from anyone. The JCPOA is not negotiable, nor do we want to re-negotiate it item by item. We have one JCPOA that has already been negotiated and agreed upon. Either everyone implements it or doesn’t”.

“The other issues you mentioned like missile and regional issues have nothing to do the nuclear issue. At the time when we were negotiating, the United States was arguing for months to include the missile programme. We rejected it and said that it could not be negotiated,” said the President.

He said, "Trump was unaware of everything and did not know at all, but Mr Biden knows very well what was negotiated and what happened. These are not negotiable. What can be on the table is for everyone to return to their full commitments as soon as possible”.

On the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and the relations between Iran and Turkey and the poem read by the Turkish President, he said, "Relations between Iran and Turkey is very important and we are two neighbours who have political and economic relations, we discuss regional issues and we are in the Astana Process together and we work together. Our relations are very important. Of course, the issue of territorial integrity and Iran and the position of Iran are also of special importance, and it is the right of our people to be sensitive to one sentence and express their opinion, and territorial integrity is important to us”.

Dr Rouhani added, "What was important to me was that the Turkish Foreign Minister explicitly told our Foreign Minister over the phone that Mr Erdoğan had no such intention at all, and then the Turkish presidential spokesman himself reiterated this, and the ambassador reiterated the same. This interpretation of the poem depends on where you read it, if you read this poem in Iran and outside Iran, it means something different”.

“With the background of relations I have with Mr Erdoğan for 7 years and we had a lot of travel and negotiations, I do not think that he had such an intention to insult the Iranian nation or our territorial integrity,” said Rouhani.

news id: 118566

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