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President at cabinet session:

Despite difficulties, hardships, export and import of essentials boost/ I assure people that country's essential needs will be supplied/ We don't care what happens in US and who's elected/ Our planning, decisions for development adopted no matter what happens in US

"Despite all the problems caused by the sanctions and the spread of coronavirus in recent weeks, we have seen a 38% increase in imports of basic goods and a 14% increase in exports," said the President, adding, "People should be confident that the country's basic goods will be supplied and there is nothing to worry about".

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Wed 04 - November 2020 - 12:29

Speaking on Wednesday at the cabinet meeting, Dr Hassan Rouhani stated that in last week's meetings of the government's economic coordination board, important decisions have been made for the next 9 months and the necessary coordination has been established between economic bodies such as the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Industry and the Central Bank.

He added, "The government's economic decisions have been made over the past few weeks, regardless of what will happen in the United States".

Emphasising that it does not matter what person or party takes office in the United States, the president said, "The government has done its economic planning, assuming that America's path and ethics do not go back to the right way".

Dr Rouhani stated, "The government has planned for the next 9 months, although some of these plans are long-term and some others are shorter. During these meetings, the necessary coordination has been made between the Central Bank, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Economy, and the resolutions of these meetings regarding the use of currency and customs clearance were announced yesterday, and the work process has begun".

The President said that the government's economic decisions have been made over the past few weeks, regardless of what is going on in the United States and who will be elected, adding, "The government's decisions are based on domestic production, and mostly non-oil exports and the way ministries interact with each other. Therefore, we do not care who is elected in the United States, of course, the recent US election is instructive in many ways".

Emphasising that we do not care who or what party is elected in the United States, Dr Rouhani said, "What matters is the way it is adopted in the next US administration. It is important for us that the United States returns to the law and all international and multilateral treaties, and respects Iran".

The President stated, "We want to be respected instead of sanctions. If we are respected instead of illegal and oppressive sanctions, then things will be different, and if honour and respect replace threats, and enforcing the law replaces breaking one's promise, things will be different".

Dr Rouhani stated, "Principles, methods and policies are important to us. A certain individual or party does not matter. Therefore, assuming that America's method and ethics do not return to the right path, we carried out our plans".

In another part of his speech, the President announced the adoption of important decisions to increase exports and said, "All the decisions that have been made for the comprehensive trade system are to keep everything up to date and clear".

Referring to the economic problems of the people in the last one or two months, Dr Rouhani said, "Part of these problems was due to the spread of coronavirus in the first months of this year when exports were interrupted, and today these problems have been resolved and we will grow exports and imports".

Referring to the remarks of the Supreme Leader regarding the unreasonable price of some goods and the government's attention to this issue, the President said, "The government pursues two goals of the abundance of basic and non-basic goods in the society and also their fair prices".

In another part of his speech, the President referred to the situation in the region and the security of the north-western borders of the country, and said, "Border security and the absence of terrorists and terrorist groups near the borders of Iran are important for the Islamic Republic of Iran".

The President added, "It is important that geographical borders do not change and we consider territorial integrity to be the right of Azerbaijan, but we want them to achieve this right through non-military means. In this regard, our Foreign Ministry is active and our rights have been communicated to all countries involved".

In another part of his speech, congratulating the birthdays of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and Imam Sadi`q (AS), Dr Rouhani said, "Those who use insulting words about the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) are not familiar with the morals, behaviour and manners of the Prophet of Islam".

news id: 118034

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