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President at the session of National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus:

White House is to blame for people's problems/ Undoubtedly, US will finally kneel before Iranians/ We have to intensify supervisions in Tehran for fighting coronavirus

The President called on all people to strictly follow the health instructions and announced that the regulations and supervision in the process of fighting COVID-19 in Tehran will soon be intensified, and the IRIB, social media and religious leaders should attempt to promote the culture in this regard.

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Sat 26 - September 2020 - 14:16

Speaking at a meeting of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus on Saturday, Dr Hassan Rouhani said that last week he had asked the Social-Security and Treatment Committees for a special program to deal with and punish those without masks and those who provide them services in Tehran to be provided to the task force on Thursday.

The President emphasised that this program and regulations will be implemented and operational first in Tehran province and then in other major cities around the country after being approved at the next meeting of the task force.

Dr Rouhani stated, "Also, today, with the approval of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, the governor-generals and the provincial task forces in each province were given the authority to submit their proposal to the Social-Security Committee".

Saying that today there is a heavy burden on the shoulders of our beloved medical staff in hospitals, the President said, "We will do whatever we can for these loved ones like providing medicine, treatment, equipment and health needs, and this is a top priority for us".

Dr Rouhani went on to emphasise that the Americans have inflicted at least $150 billion on our country from 2018 to 2020 with unjust, illegal, unwarranted and inhumane sanctions, as well as terrorist operations, adding, "They even stopped the transfer of medicine, treatment and food, and we haven't seen people with such atrocity in the White House before".

The President said, "They committed the greatest atrocity in history and the person, whose title is the Secretary of State but he is indeed the US Secretary of Crime, is also proud and says that this year I froze $70 billion in Iranian resources, which means that he is proud of hostility against the Iranian nation".

Referring to the US opposition to Iran's $5 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund to provide medicine, medical equipment and hospital equipment, Dr Rouhani said, "If people want to blame anyone for the shortages and problems in the country, it should be directed towards the White House". 

The president added, "I call on some people not to give the wrong address to the people because of their wrong group interests. The correct address for all the crimes and pressure against the dear people of Iran is Washington DC and the White House and those who are in this building, committing all these crimes against the Iranian nation, and you can see that the pressure and problems are intensifying every day".

The President said, "Of course, the Iranian people tolerated the pressure and resisted against the bullies. People deserved much easier life these years with much cheaper goods and dollar prices".

Emphasising that "the White House is responsible for all these crimes," Dr Rouhani added, "The Islamic Republic of Iran has done nothing wrong, it is faithful to its promise, and has kept its promise. They withdrew unilaterally from all regulations, and this is not just what we say today, but what the whole world is saying".

"There was a time when we said the right thing, only a couple countries supported us, but today, only a couple of countries support the United States, and about 185 countries around the world supported us," the president said.

Dr Rouhani emphasised, "So we should send our curse and resentment to the right address. The only one who is the criminal is the White House and the source of all the problems of the people is Zionism, the reactionaries and extremists in America, and today the headquarters of these crimes against the Iranian people is located in America".

The President stated, "I have no doubt that the US government will one day surrender and kneel before the Iranian nation and the Iranian nation will be victorious, and just as it broke the siege of Abadan 40 years ago, this siege will be broken by our nation".

news id: 117480

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