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President at the cabinet meeting:

US' failure in activating trigger mechanism one of the great historical victories for Iran/ No mechanism started; lonely US seeking to mark a happy Saturday and Sunday for itself/ Saturday and Sunday the day of victory for Iranian nation, defeat for the US

The President called the US attempt to activate the trigger mechanism 'failed and fruitless' due to the opposition and lack of cooperation of other countries, and stressed, "Now this lonely scandalous US is looking for happiness for itself on Saturday and Sunday and say I managed to activate this mechanism!".

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Wed 16 - September 2020 - 12:00

Speaking at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Dr Hassan Rouhani addressed White House officials, saying, "What is this success you are talking about? You could not even convince anyone except for the Zionist Regime and a couple of small countries in the region, how can you talk about success?".

The President stated, "Therefore, our nation should be fully aware that Saturday and Sunday are the days of the victory of the Iranian nation and the days of the disgraceful defeat of the United States. Anti-Iranian channels abroad may work again to spread fake news and say that the United States has made a claim and has waited a month, so it can use this mechanism. No mechanism has started at all to yield a result".
Dr Rouhani stated that the trigger mechanism belongs to the members of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), not a country that has not only left it, but also encouraged others to leave it and punishes any country that has implemented the Security Council resolution.
"It is very clear that such a person is not qualified to do so. This process is usually a one-month process, it ends in a few days, and fortunately the United States has not been able to start this process," said Rouhani.
Emphasising that the United States must tell the world that it has failed in the trigger mechanism, the President added, "This defeat of the United States is one of the great historical victories and successes for Iran".
Dr Rouhani continued by paying tribute to the high spirit of the martyrs of the Holy Defence era and the great family of the country's martyrs on the occasion of the anniversary of the beginning of the Holy Defence, and said, "The Iranian nation is once again in a similar situation to the Holy Defence and is in a fully-fledged unjust war in the economic field".
The president said that the Americans were looking to force an economic collapse in June and July 2018, social collapse in August and security collapse by the end of the same year, adding, "As a result of this crude and childish thinking of the rulers of the White House, they sought to be present in Iran on the 22nd of Bahman and to dominate the country's affairs".
He added, "What is important is that our nation did not allow them to achieve their economic, social, political and security goals in all these stages, and of course, they put our people in economic hardship and pressure".
"You know today that it has been about a month since the Americans plotted a new conspiracy and drafted a resolution to the UN Security Council not to allow the arms embargo on Iran to end, and they wanted the embargo to continue, which was unsuccessful," said Rouhani.
He said, "All members of the Security Council objected. Three European countries at the ambassadorial level explicitly opposed, China and Russia took the lead and openly opposed, the rest of the Security Council members also opposed, so the United States was left alone".
Referring to the disgraceful failure of the Americans in extending Iran's arms embargo and continuing the failed attempt to activate the trigger mechanism, Dr Rouhani said, "Today, as I congratulate the victory of the Iranian nation in the Holy Defence, I would like to felicitate the great and historic victory of the Iranian nation in advance on the failure of the US effort to activate the trigger mechanism".
"The US president had recently claimed that Iran's economic growth was negative 25 percent, while Iran's economic growth, under severe sanctions and the problems caused by coronavirus has reached negative 0.6 percent, and it is the United States and their allies who are facing the sharp decline in economic growth up to 20 and 25 percent," added the President.
"Unfortunately, some countries in the region whose people are Muslim, religious, and pro-Islamic, their rulers understand neither religion nor debt, they do not understand the rulings of religion, and they do not pay their debt to the Palestinian people and their brothers," said the President.
Dr Rouhani added, "In Palestine, they are committing more crimes every day. How did you reach out to Israel and then gave Israel a base in this region? All the serious consequences that occur in this region are your doing. You are doing something against the rules and security of the region".
Stating that in the first quarter of this year, the country has enjoyed good growth in the field of agriculture and industry, Dr Rouhani said, "Today the country has achieved great successes in the fields of infrastructure, gas, oil, petrochemical, steel, water supply, electricity, dams, roads, railways and successful confrontation with coronavirus".
Since the beginning of the Twelfth Government, I have insisted that the country's distribution system needs a minister and a specialised ministry, he said, adding, "I have tasked the First Vice-President to pay more attention to the management of the distribution system in the country so that the people do not face pressures for supplying that goods that are sufficiently produced or imported in the country".
Dr. Rouhani stated: "Of course, the main solution to solve the problem of the distribution system is the full establishment of e-government and accurate and continuous monitoring of goods from the origin of production to the final destination of consumption to eliminate the possibility of profit and brokerage in this direction."
"I admit that people are under a lot of pressure in terms of prices to get enough goods on the market," he said, adding, "Although it is the legal right of the parliament to oppose the proposed minister of the cabinet, it was expected that the parliament would also help the government by considering the conditions of the country, the region and the world and the full-scale economic war against our country".

news id: 117321

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