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President at the special session for organizing housing sector:

Providing housing to people registered in the First Housing Scheme gov't first priority/ Providing land for housing construction with participation of developers a serious gov't policy in housing production sector

The President said, "The noble people of Iran know that health, security and livelihood are defined as the basic measures of the government during this critical juncture and providing housing is one of the government's main concerns".

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Tue 07 - July 2020 - 00:59

Speaking on Monday at the special session for organizing housing sector, Dr Hassan Rouhani said that providing housing to those who are in real need who have registered in the First Housing Scheme is the government's first priority.

He said, "About 330,000 people have invested in this scheme, and all we are trying to do is to make sure that they have proper housing by the end of this government".

The President also stressed the need to choose the right place to build new settlements, adding, "We must be careful in choosing the land and place to build housing and building new settlements, including the facilities and needs of residential units, including water, electricity, gas and other requirements".

Dr Rouhani added, "The government will make every effort to reduce and control inflammation in this field by defining three main strategies in the field of providing housing, which are production and supply of housing, organizing the rental market and controlling trade in the housing sector".

The President added, "With a close look at this field, Iran has efficient manpower and skilled engineers and significant facilities in providing materials and tools for housing construction that can be put into operation through careful planning".

Dr Rouhani also referred to the valuable work of the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad in allocating one million hectares of urban land to build housing in cooperation with the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, and said, "The government intends to expand the area of cities and provide land for housing construction with participation of developers, and this is a serious government policy in the housing production sector".

The President added, "In this regard, assignments and missions have been determined for the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development to identify the roots of supply and demand by carefully planning and gathering clear information".

Dr Rouhani added, "The government has decided to take important steps in the prosperity and development of the housing market by providing land and freeing surplus government lands and the participation of developers and activating the private sector".

The President called on the relevant departments of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development to study and design a specific programme for active and top housing developers who have a justified and good record in this field.

In this meeting, Dr Rouhani received the report of the Minister of Roads and Urban Development on the implementation of the National Housing Action Scheme, and appreciated the measures and efforts made by the ministry to provide housing for the people.

The President also praised the efforts of the Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution, chaired by Mr Tabesh, and the efforts of all the staff of the Foundation to carry out the assigned missions in providing housing for the deprived, as well as building and rebuilding housing for the victims of natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes.

news id: 116211

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