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President in a meeting with heads of committees of National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus:

Social Distancing Programme to continue by turning into Smart Distancing/ Smart Distancing details to be announced by Health Ministry today/ Stressing importance of precise evaluation of 2nd phase of Social Distancing

President had a meeting with heads of committees of National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus on Saturday morning, in which the effectiveness of the second phase of the Social Distancing Programme was evaluated.

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Sat 04 - April 2020 - 14:14

During the session, President Hassan Rouhani stressed that the heads of the different committees are required to conduct a precise evaluation of the effectiveness of the Social Distancing Programme and said, "After making sure about the stabilised condition in managing the coronavirus, different protocols must be prepared and implemented precisely based on the nature of each business".

Stating that the Social Distancing Programme will be replaced by Smart Distancing, he said, "We implemented its first and second phase and we have had good achievements, and now we are implementing its third phase, which is Smart Distancing, the details of which must be clearly drafted".

Dr Rouhani added, "Health protocols must be designed in a way that all people, including clients, employees, labourers and businesspeople, can make sure that they can stay healthy at work and out of home by observing these protocols".

"We should make sure about when our students can return to education centres with full health; therefore, the heads of committees must conduct the necessary evaluations with precise methods, so that the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus can make the necessary decisions," he said.

The President also added, "We must not make a decision without studying and precision; people must know that whatever decision is made at the government are based on precise scientific studies and consultation with all experts".

People's health is our first priority, said Dr Rouhani, adding, "Alongside people's health, their living, small businesses, the underprivileged and our children's future are also important".

He continued, "We must know that the main economic damages of coronavirus affects the less-privileged classes of the society and people expect the government not to let coronavirus ruin their health and living, and this means that we must ensure both people's health and their economic situation are protected".

news id: 114564

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