All efforts must be exerted to minimise COVID-19 tools on economy, people's lives/ Issuing necessary instructions to four ministries to supply the provinces' needs/ NGOs potentials must be used for harnessing coronavirus

Speaking in phone calls with governor-generals of four provinces, the President received precise reports on their activities regarding the implementation of instructions set forth by National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus and issued the necessary instructions to the related ministries in fighting COVID-19.

Thu 12 - March 2020 - 14:19

During phone conversations that took place on Thursday with governor-generals of Alborz, Isfahan, Markazi, and Khorasan Razavi provinces, issued the necessary instructions to Minister of Health and Medical Education and Chairman of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, and the Ministers of Interior, Industry, Mine and Trade and Communication and Information Technology for supplying the needs of these provinces.

It was also decided that all topics discussed in President's phone calls with governor-generals of seven provinces this week will be summed up in the first session of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus chaired by Dr Rouhani.

President also urged the governor-generals to exert all efforts to minimise coronavirus' tolls on the economy and people's lives, encouraging people to stay home as the safest place to stay to ensure the health of their family with the aim of breaking the virus' outbreak chain at this point in time.

He also gave the necessary guidance for the rapid and accurate implementation of New Year holidays' healthcare protocols.

The President reiterated his appreciation for the tireless and responsible efforts of the country's medical staff as the forerunners in the fight against COVID-19, saying, "The needs and concerns of the medical staff of hospitals and all those fighting coronavirus must be resolved as soon as possible and the medical staff and hospitals needed by hospitals should be managed well so that they do not have problems in their work and personal lives at this time".

Dr Rouhani referred to agreements with the country's Armed Forces Headquarters and called on the governor-generals to use this capacity to provide the medical staff and medical facilities needed.

The President also said that successful implementation of any plan requires participation and support by people, and emphasised, "There is no doubt that like other similar stages, people have active participation in this public fight against COVID-19, and in this regard, we need to use the capacities of NGOs within the framework of public participation to contain coronavirus".

Dr Rouhani also emphasised the prevention of baseless rumours in media by timely dissemination of news and facts aimed at preventing panic and anxiety among the public.

The President also stated that it was necessary to monitor people's travels during the New Year holidays at exiting points of cities, within the framework of health protocols of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus in order to prevent the spread of the disease as much as possible.

Alborz Governor-General Azizollah Shahbazi, Isfahan Governor-General Abbas Rezaei, Markazi Governor-General Seyyed Ali Aghazadeh and Khorasan Razavi Governor-General Alireza Razm Hosseini also provided a detailed report of their activities regarding the implementation of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus guidelines.

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