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President addressing the bumper crowd of people in Yazd:

Discord, division US’ wish; let’s not allow US’ wishes be reflected by a few/ Anyone involved in corruption must be prosecuted/ Islamic Unity Week, the week of unity, solidarity/ I urge judiciary to explain to people what’s been done in fighting corruption

President described the Islamic Unity Week as the week of unity, solidarity and becoming closer to the path of the Great Prophet of Islam, and stressed that people’s resistance, unity and efforts have disappointed the United States.

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Sun 10 - November 2019 - 11:07

Addressing the bumper crowd of people in Yazd Province on Sunday, President Hassan Rouhani said, “Discord and division are what the United States wants; let’s not allow the US’ wishes be reflected by a few”.

Today, we are at a very critical juncture, said the President, adding, “The people of Iran are united against the enemies’ pressures, and despite what the United States and the Iranian nation’s enemies are doing, this nation is readier than any other time for defending its country”.

“Last year, the people of Iran were in difficult conditions because of the enemies’ economic pressures, but people’s resistance, unity and efforts have disappointed the United States,” said the President.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on to say, “Economic figures speak to us and indicated that despite the enemies’ increased pressures, our conditions are improving since April”.

He continued, “Despite all pressures, our non-oil exports are in good conditions and this means that the entire country is working hard, and today, we need to step up our efforts for more development”.

Regarding the government’s efforts to fight corruption, Dr Rouhani said, “The government has emphasised the fundamental ways of fighting corruption in three important bills, two of which have been submitted to the parliament”.

Stating that, “Transparency is the most important thing in fighting corruption,” he continued, “We must all fight corruption in our country through transparency and a fierce determination”.

Referring to the Transparency Bill as a very important bill approved by the Council of Ministers, the President said, “We hope that the members of the parliament approve this bill in the near future”.

“Anyone involved in corruption must be prosecuted. There should be no talk of factions and parties in fighting corruption,” added Dr Rouhani.

He said, “I urge the Judiciary to explain to people what has been done in fighting billion-dollar corruption”.

“I call on all authorities to make it clear to people what happened in the $2.7 billion case; because this money was the money of oil and the treasury,” he continued.

Dr Rouhani noted, "I also urge all authorities and bodies to report on the $2 billion given to the US, for which the then government had 10 months to withdraw, but failed to do so”.

“A few years ago, the Supreme National Security Council announced that this case must be dealt with swiftly, but it has not been addressed to date, so I want the $2-billion case to be made public to make people happy and aware that there is determination to fight against corruption,” he continued.

The president also added, "The $947-million case and those responsible for it, which is an institution that has taken it and not given it back to the public, must be audited and that amount be taken back".

Dr Rouhani said, "I want the case of institutions that owe more than $700 million to people to be explained to the public, and I call on the oil minister to make these figures clear to the public. I also hold the Central Bank governor in charge of reporting the $2-billion case to the public, and call on supervisory organs to clarify what happened to the $947 million”.

The President reiterated, "Where is the fight against large-scale corruption and why this corruption and money is not being addressed. People will not be deceived by taking a few people to the court to propagandise fighting corruption. People need to know how and where the money has gone and who is responsible for it”.

“Noble and decent judges and prosecutors must not be afraid to pursue these cases and make the fate of the money clear to the public, otherwise I will explain these figures to people on different occasions,” he said.

He continued saying, “We have discovered a new big oil field with 53 billion barrels of reserves. This oil field is as wide as 2400 square kilometres with a depth of 80 metres”.

He continued, “The dear people of Yazd Province have been at the front line of the Revolution and the Sacred Defence”.

The President added, “I would like to express my and the people of Yazd’s sympathy to the people of East Azerbaijan Province for the earthquake”.

“Appreciating all people involved in helping and delivering aid to the quake-hit areas in East Azerbaijan,” said Dr Rouhani.

news id: 112149

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