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President at the meeting of cabinet with Supreme Leader:

Despite sanctions, our basic goods’ store in good conditions/ We chose right path in reducing commitments/ Gov’t policy to sell oil products instead of crude oil

President mentioned the work done in helping the quake-hit areas in Kermanshah and this year’s floods, and said, “Despite sanctions, our basic goods’ store is in good conditions”.

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Wed 21 - August 2019 - 16:42

Speaking at the meeting of the cabinet with Supreme Leader, President Hassan Rouhani said, “Despite the inclusive efforts of the United States to stop our exports and imports, we could create a balance and stability in the market”.

He appreciated the patience and resistance of the Iranian nation against pressures, saying, “Today, the United States is globally considered as an isolated oath-breaker, as we have been able to defeat them in international communities two times”.

“Today, the US is committing an economic terrorism against the entire Iranian nation, women, children and men,” he said as describing the sanctions.

Dr Rouhani went on to refer to Iran’s move to reduce its JCPOA commitments, saying, “We have chosen the right path in reducing our commitments, and we have reiterated that there is a limit to our patience”.

If the 4+1 negotiations are successful, it can change the circumstances, he said, adding, “If the negotiations are unsuccessful, we will continue this path”.

“World powers know that if Iran’s oil export is reduced to zero, international waterways will not have the same security they used to; therefore, unilateral pressure against Iran cannot be to their benefit and ensure their security in the region and the world,” he continued.

The President also mentioned measures taken by the Central Bank for market stability, saying, “The exchange rate has become somewhat balanced, and we are confident about supplying people’s basic needs”.

On government’s policy to sell oil products instead of crude oil, Dr Rouhani said, “To do this, we will develop our existing refineries and build new ones”.

He added, “If all organs and branches stand together and support each other, we will overcome the sanctions with a faster pace, and bring the United States to its knees”.


news id: 110877

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