Our region not the region of conflict, extremism, foreign interference, Shiite-Sunni rift/ People showed that there is no gap between ethnic, religious groups in this land/There is no way except moderation, coexistence for stability, development of the region /Interaction the beginning of unity, vitality

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of Phase 1 of Shahid Beheshti Port Development Plan in Chabahar, the president stated that there was no way except moderation and coexistence to stabilise and develop the region, adding: "Our region is not the region of ​​conflict, extremism, foreign interference and Shiite-Sunni division".

Sun 03 - December 2017 - 11:10

Dr Hassan Rouhani said at the ceremony on Sunday: "The beginning of moderation is believing and recognising the interests of each other".

Stating that people showed that there is no gap between ethnic and religious groups in this land, he added: "Interaction is the beginning of unity and vitality".

He went on to say that the beginning of moderation is believing and recognising each other's interests, saying: "Becoming accustomed to each other and neighbours is a sacred need".

No country is needless of the other, said Rouhani, adding: "The routes of the region should be connected on land, sea and air".

I appreciate the ethnic and religious groups of this region for their brotherhood and unity, President Rouhani continued, saying: "The basis of security is in the hands of the people".

He added: "Transit is the best communication tool for nations," continuing that Chabahar-Zahedan road should be corrected and become two-lane.

Mentioning that Chabahar-Zahedan Railway has had 27 per cent progress, Dr Rouhani said: "From Chabahar, we can connect to the shores of the Black Sea and Eastern Europe".

We will achieve goals through constructive competition, he said, adding: "Environmental issues have been paid attention to in the development of Chabahar Port".

Stating that Iran welcomes Gwadar Port's development and progress, he said: "We must look for constructive interaction".

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