I am happy that this year's Student's Day is held outside capital/Universities, students must pay attention to local, national, int'l duties/Rouhani needs dear Iranian nation's votes everyday/Criticising authorities is your right/We need a criticising university

President Rouhani stressed that the legitimacy of the authorities and officials comes from our promise to the people, and retreating from one's promises, means retreating from our own legitimacy.

Sat 02 - December 2017 - 20:34

Speaking on Saturday in a ceremony at Sistan and Baluchistan University marking Student's Day, Dr Hassan Rouhani added: "I have not retreated from my promises and will not do so, and will continue the path of the people, which is the path of the Islamic Republic".

"Our state, government and national security owe a lot to Sistan and Baluchistan," he continued, adding that he would keep my promises that I made during the elections.

President Rouhani continued: "The legitimacy of the authorities and officials comes from our promise to the people, and retreating from one's promises, means retreating from our own legitimacy and this is what I have repeatedly and explicitly told the ministers".

"I don't see any group opposing the government," said the President adding that all critiques and groups are respected.

He continued: "We are very happy that our students are now speaking loudly and clearly", expressing satisfaction over Student's Day being held in provinces this year.

Stating that it is not acceptable that all ceremonies be held in Tehran, Dr Rouhani added: "Universities must be independent and free and this was one of the aims of the Revolution".

Stating that he has chosen all ministers and authorities based on meritocracy, moderation and accepting people's rights, the President said: "All ministers were introduced by myself".

Universities must be free to criticise like seminaries, said Rouhani adding: "All students are supporters of Islamic and national values".

He also went on to say that the first condition for scientific progress of the country is accessing information, saying: "In the first six months of this year, 50,000 people have started working in IT-related fields".

President Hassan Rouhani continued: "Digital business is one of the most important ways of generating employment and businesses".

He continued that if universities interact with scientific centres around the world, science will not remain confined.

"The world and the region are in special conditions and we need to stand together and be united more than before," said Dr Rouhani adding: "It is strange that a person who rules a superpower is not predictable for anyone".

Saying that the government will protect the 11th Administration's achievements, he said: "Our success in foreign policy in 100 days can be compared with the past 4 years".

Today, Iran is the pillar of settling the issues of the region, the President said, continuing: "What Iran did alongside the Iraqi and Syrian nations in defeating ISIS was ending a great conspiracy".

He also referred to the opening of a major economic project in Chabahar with representatives of foreign countries as an honour for the Iranian nation, saying: "We have invested $1 billion on Chabahar Port".

Sistan and Baluchistan will witness a great development in various economic fields in the future, he continued, adding: "Universities must strive to seize the neighbouring foreign markets".

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