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President in a phone conversation with Iraqi PM:

Iran against any move opposed to Iraq territorial integrity, national unity/We stand by Iraqi gov’t, nation

President Rouhani had a phone call with the Prime Minister of Iraq and stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran was against any move that is opposed to territorial integrity and national unity of Iraq.

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Sun 24 - September 2017 - 23:12

In the phone call that took place late on Sunday, President Rouhani told Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi: “Everybody must know that their legitimacy is within the framework of the Constitution of Iraq”.

He added: “The Islamic Republic of Iran fully supports the central government in Iraq,” adding: “We are sure that the Iraqi government and nation will overcome this issue like all other issues”.

“We believe that the constitution of Iraq must be respected by all and violating it means committing illegal acts,” the President added.

He also referred to his conversation with the Turkish President and said: “In this important issue, we will always stand by our neighbouring country and the Iraqi government”.

The Prime Minister of Iraq also appreciated Iran’s stances in supporting the territorial integrity and national unity of Iraq, adding: “Barzani’s move in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region will spur a new confrontation in Iraq”.

Describing actions by the central government in Iraq to confront the move in Iraqi Kurdistan, al-Abadi said: “The central government gave the Kurdistan Region authority more than what was stated in the constitution and this move by Mr Barzani is against territorial integrity and the constitution of Iraq and not acceptable”.

He also stressed that the referendum in the Kurdistan Region was against the constitution and any result is illegal and the central government will never accept that, not it will negotiate in this regard and the authorities of the Region must understand that they should never think about Iraq’s disintegration.

The Iraqi PM also stressed development of relations between Tehran and Baghdad in all fields of mutual interest.

news id: 100913

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