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President’s order to Defence Minister following American hostile policies:

Boost missile production/In case of more intervention, develop new plan of expanding missile capabilities/Iran’s defence power a factor for stability, security in the region/Iran’s missile program not a part of JCPOA

President Rouhani said that in case of continuation of hostile policies by the U.S and its illegitimate and illegal intervention in Iran’s right to boost its defence capabilities and ordered the Minister of Defence to accelerate missile production more seriously.

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Thu 31 - Dezember 2015 - 21:48

President’s order is as follows:

In His name

Brigadier General Dr Hossein Dehghan

Minister of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics


As the government of the United States of America, in pursuing its hostile policies and illegitimate and illegal intervention in Iran’s right to boost its defence capabilities, apparently intends to add new individuals and institutions in its former list of unjust sanctions, it is necessary that in the framework of approved defence policies, the armed forces’ needed missiles should accelerate in production more seriously.

Also, in case of pursuing wrong and interventionist actions of the kind by the U.S, the MoD is responsible to use all facilities and develop a new plan to expand country’s missile capabilities.

I should emphasize that Islamic Republic of Iran’s defence capabilities have been the factor of stability and security in the region and it is not only no threat to others, but also merely for defending its sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity in combat against the scourge of terrorism and extremism and in line with regional and global common interests.

The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has announced during the nuclear negotiations that it will never negotiate with anyone regarding its legitimate defence power including its missile program and has stressed its legitimate right to defence, not accepting any limitation in this regard.

It is clear that Iran’s missile program is by no means a part of JCPOA and American officials acknowledge this matter. As it has repeatedly announced, nuclear weapons have no place in Iran’s defence doctrine, and therefore, development and production of ballistic missiles, which have not been designed to carry nuclear warheads, will continue with power and strength as an important and standard tool for the defence of the country.

Hassan Rouhani


Code: 91109

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