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President felicitates the birthday of Jesus Christ to Christians, the leader of the Catholic world

Presient Hassan Rouhani congratulated the birthday of Jesus Christ, the messenger of peace and forgiveness and also the beginning of year 2016 to the leader of the Catholic world Pope Francis, as well as all Christians around the world.

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Thu 24 - Dezember 2015 - 17:04

Dr Hassan Rouhani sent this message on Thursday to congratulate the birthday of Jesus Christ and the beginning of year 2016.

Noting that “Today, various social and moral crises afflict humanity”, he said: “Returning to the teachings of divine religions can be considered a big step on the path to excellence and perfection of mankind and reveal the true face of those who are trying to exhibit a violent and false picture from the teachings of great prophets by resorting to terrorist and criminal acts.

“I hope we can witness growing peace and security, as well as the elimination of discrimination and terrorism all around the world by common effort and continuous conversation and interaction among scholars and followers of divine religions” Dr Rouhani added.

In another part of his message, President Rouhani stated: “Hoping for a year full of blessings and happiness form the God, I pray for Your Excellency’s pride and everybody’s good fortune”.

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