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In a meeting with the Board of Trustees of Sharif University of Technology;

President describes 16th of Azar (7th of December) as a day to tribute to University, scholars, students

President Hassan Rouhani in a meeting on Monday with the Board of Trustees and Board of Directors of the Sharif University of Technology described the 16th of Azar marking Student Day in Iran as the day to pay homage to not only university, but also scholars and students and expressed his administration's commitment to do its utmost to meet all academicians' needs and requirements and push for the further development of universities, Sharif University of Technology being among them,

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Mon 07 - Dezember 2015 - 13:39

Describing Sharif University of Technology as a symbol of national pride and honor, he reiterated that Iranian Universities esp. Sharif University, have done very good to attain brilliant academic and scientific achievements and present them to the world.

Rouhani made some references to some remarks of the host members of the meeting on the university's prospects and requirements, and promised to follow up the very requirements especially after the removal of the tyrannical sanctions against Iran in order to pave the way for Islamic Iran's development.

Before Rouhani, the present and past presidents of Sharif University of Technology made some remarks about the academic, scientific and research status of the university in and out of Iran and outlined the technical and equipment requirements of it for further development in future.

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