sonntag 12 April 2015 - 22:43
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At the cabinet session:

President appreciates Supreme Leader for his support and guidelines to government

President appreciated Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution for his support and guidelines to his government during two past years, stressing that the 11th government is committed to the accurate and complete implementation of assertions of Supreme Leader.

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Sun 30 - August 2015 - 21:42

During a cabinet session on Sunday evening, Dr.Rouhani said that supreme Leader’s guidelines always have helped government in the areas of economic, social, cultural and foreign policy.

President said that supreme Leader in the meeting with cabinet members which was held to mark Government Week, have strongly supported the government, added that he heaping praise on the administration of for its endeavors with regard to curbing inflation, restoring economic stability and calm, health and sanitation and the end of nuclear negotiations.

Referring to supreme Leader’s emphasis on the resistance economy, president said: “Economy of Resistance should be taken into full consideration by officials.”

President said that the supreme Leader on nuclear issue said: “The conclusion of the nuclear talks was one of the most important jobs that have been done and we hope that if there are some issues and problems to that effect they would be resolved.”
Regarding the nuclear issue, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, however, referred to the possibility of inattention to the objectives of the enemies as one of his concerns and anxieties, saying: “From the outset of the Revolution to date, the enmity of Zionists and Americans toward the Revolution and the Islamic Republic has not diminished and this reality should by no means be overshadowed in the minds of officials.”

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