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President speaking to domestic and foreign reporters:

Iranophobia project is on the verge of eternal death / Iran, US and China to cooperate in Arak reactor

President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday that his government has spared no efforts to maintain tranquility and stability in various parts of the society.

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Sat 29 - August 2015 - 21:21

Speaking to domestic and foreign reporters on the occasion of the Government Week, President Rouhani said his government did its utmost to remedy previous wounds while avoiding new ones.

President said on that his government shifted from awkward methodology of the previous government to bring about social, economic and political stability.

President said that his administration is seeking to promote social justice and stop monopoly of economy and corruption.

Asked about the problems such as rent seeking, monopoly, and organized corruption facing the country's economy, the president said that the economy is facing various problems such as being reliant on oil, monopoly as well as the active role of institutes which are responsible for economic undertakings.
Meanwhile, non-implementation of outlines of Article 44 of Constitution is another challenge for the country's economy, he said.
Dr.Rouhani said that the economy was due to really be ceded to the private sector but the true sense of the Constitution was not carried out.
The government's first action in the first two years of its four-year term was to help fulfill the ceding to the private sector in a correct manner and it was successful in the field, the president said.
The government is trying to make economic activities as transparent as possible, he said, noting that economic undertakings should go online to be able to fight corruption.
Electronic government is one of the ways for stopping corruption, he said, noting, 'We should able to make information publicly known and implement law equally for all.'
Of course, this is a hard task, he said.

The president further contended that all should abide by law and there no way for moving the country ahead except for respecting law.
'I do not want to say that the government was fully successful in establishing justice, eliminating rent-seeking and breaking monopolies but it has taken major steps and it will proceed with.'
Recalling that media are one of the most important tools for materialization of the goal, Dr.Rouhani called on the reporters at the program that you should tell realities to the public.
Free Media are one of the ways for fighting corruption, he said, noting that all media should enjoy security equally in fulfilling their mission.

Hoping that the government would be able to take strides in the domain of economy and implementation of social justice, President Rouhani said that health scheme was one of main steps of the administration for establishing social justice.
Responding to the question how the government wants to create balance between resistance economy and commercial exchanges with the West so that Iran will not turn into a market for the European goods, the chief executive said, 'I have clearly told the countries' officials who talked with me that if you think that we will make a market of 80-million available to you, you make mistake.'
'I have told the foreign officials that Iran is willing to develop joint venture investment. You should bring capital and technology to Iran to share with Iranians. Then, some sections of Iran, region and world's market will be accessible to both of us,' he said, noting that it will also help generate jobs for the youth.
'We should reach the conclusion that oil earnings should be spent in major investments in the country and cover up imports with non-oil exports,' he said.

Oil production is now increased from 2.7 to 2.9 million bpd and in mining sector the rate of growth is very remarkable, said President Rouhani.
He expressed concern about drought in recent years saying the trend continues.
'The fact is that the country's water resources is very low but through proper planning in the past two years the government managed to lessen its negative impacts.'
He said that the government has allocated some dlrs 10 billion to deal with drought.

In foreign policy, the government was quite successful in bringing calmness, stability and mutual understanding in relation with world public opinion, he said.

The sound policy of the Iranian government prompted the world to change its policy towards Iran and now the name of Iran makes headlines in media across the world which is quite remarkable, said President Rouhani.

President said that a result of Iran's nuclear agreement with the West is that Iran's name is synonymous with favoring peace and fruitful cooperation.

President said that in foreign diplomacy, Iran has now achieved a peaceful, stable, positive interaction with the world and that Iran's image in the world public opinion has improved.
'Today the views on Iran of the world have changed and Iran's name is heard in the foreign media more than the previous years, in addition Iran's name was not mentioned positively so far, although during the first years after the victory of the (Islamic) revolution Iran's name was mentioned with grandeur, but that was an exceptional era,' said the president.
'We notice that Iran's name is mentioned as a peace seeking country which favors fruitful cooperation by the world public opinion,' said Dr.Rouhani, adding that the Iranophobia project is on downward trend.
'Although the proponents of that project intend to keep it alive using the oxygen capsule, but the Iranophobia project is on the verge of eternal death, and we hope the Islamophobia project will have the same fate relying on proper planning and serious efforts,' he added.
President Rouhani said that the nuclear file which was on the table of the international relations as a complicated issue is in very favorable condition, thanks to the good and solid move made by the Iranian nation.
'The reason for this success and every other success in our foreign policy is that we refrained from adopting hurried decisions, used the collective insight, and consulted the people whose views were precious in the field,' he said.
Meanwhile, Dr.Rouhani appreciated the people's role in achieving that success, national unity and public participation.
'The people very well comprehended that the nuclear issue is neither a factional, nor a partisan matter, but a matter of national importance achieving victory to the benefit of the country, and we are now taking the last steps towards final success in the scene,' he added.
Answering those who criticize the government that although the nuclear file is approaching its final phases, its positive results are not really tangible in people's wellbeing, Dr.Rouhani said that those positive effects are definitely seen.
'Those effects are seen both in the country and in the world, but if you wish to observe more tangible results you have to wait until the end. When the last steps will be taken and the sanctions will be terminated, in the upcoming months God willing we will see its positive results,' he added.
President Rouhani said that even after the full termination of the sanctions it will take time till Iran's oil sales will reach their previous levels and new clients will be found.
'The important point today is that we have gained trust and the people higher hopes, that is what we have already gained,' he said.

President said that the renovation plan on Iran's Arak heavy water nuclear reactor will be implemented jointly by Iranian, American and Chinese technicians.

Responding to a question of a Chinese reporter about the future of the two countries' relations in the aftermath of the nuclear agreement and Iran's new foreign policies, the president said that Iran has good relations with China and in the beginning of this government's tenure, I held detailed talks with the Chinese president, including in a visit of China and in Russia, and all in all, the two countries' relations are still expanding.
Dr.Rouhani said that there are many projects in which the Chinese can cooperate, including those related to the nuclear agreement and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).
He set example of the renovation plan for the Arak heavy water nuclear reactor Iran will cooperate with China and one of the 5+1 Group countries and will probably be the United States.
'The reactor will thus be equipped with more modern technology facilities and be renovated, and China will participate in the project,' said President Rouhani.
He said that seven working groups have been formed to see into further expansion of Iran-China relations, expressing hope that all plans in mind for joint cooperation will be implemented in the future.
'We are determined to expand our relations with China, India and Russia, as three major Asian countries, as well as the other major regional countries,' added the president.

President underlined that Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) does not need the Majlis (Iranian parliament) approval for its implementation.

Under the Iranian Constitution, a treaty has to be submitted for approval or disapproval to the Parliament if it has been signed by the president or a representative of his,' President Rouhani said.

'That is not the case about the Iran-Group 5+1 nuclear agreement or the JCPOA,' the president added.

President Rouhani underlined that the submission of the JCPOA to the Parliament would mean that the president would have to sign the JCPOA, an extra legal commitment that the administration has already avoided.

President reiterated that the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) would not impose any restrictions on Iran's defense capabilities.

The implementation of the agreement (JCPOA) would not restrict the Islamic Republic’s defense capabilities,' said President Rouhani.

He reiterated that Iran will not accept any limits on its military capacities.

President also said that all regional countries are well aware of the fact that Tehran “has not and will not be after nuclear weapons; instead Iran has been seeking better relations with all regional countries'.

President underlined that his administration would welcome only those foreign parties that are willing to make investment or transfer technology to the country.

'During my meetings with (foreign) officials, I have clearly said that our policy is that they should bring capital and technology and partner in joint ventures with Iranians so that a part of the markets of Iran, region and the world will be available to both of us; then jobs will be created for our youth,' said President. He elaborated on his administration's economic policy for future months when sanctions against Iran are removed.
president pointed to his government's decision for the post-sanction era, and said, 'I have said many times in the cabinet meetings that after sanctions if the foreign companies and governments see Iran as an 80 million market (to just export their products), they would be making a mistake, and (I have told the cabinet that) we should not allow such a thing to happen.'
President Rouhani stressed the country's stable economy and voiced his administration's readiness to pave the ground for attracting more foreign investments.


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