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President in a meeting with the Foreign Minister of Ghana:

The fight against terrorism requires serious commitment and collective cooperation

President Hassan Rouhani referring to Africa's special position in Iran's foreign policy, stressed on expansion of comprehensive relations with Ghana.

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Wed 26 - August 2015 - 19:21

President called for cooperation and regular consultations of the governments to counter the terrorism.

President said that given the two countries’ commonalities, promoting cultural cooperation is essential.

He called on the two nations to pave the way for further cooperation between the private sectors.

'If the Middle Eastern and African nations stand by each other, they can create an atmosphere to eliminate violence and terrorism,' he said. 

Mock coalitions will be unable to counter the global problem, he said.

Economic growth in tandem with cultural development of African states and Middle East and blocking the terrorists' activities in financial areas as well as propaganda networks are among the major factors to prevent the spread of the evil phenomenon of terrorism.

Referring to special status of Africa in Iran's foreign policy, Dr.Rouhani underlined development of all-out ties with Ghana, calling for using all existing capacities for enhancing ties.

Ghanaian foreign minister, for her part, referred to spread of terrorism in West Africa and activities of Boko Haram in Negeria, underlining the need for regional and mutual cooperation to uproot terrorism.
Tetteh voiced her country's readiness for promoting ties with Iran in all fields, urging Iranian companies' further involvement to carry out development projects in Ghana.





Code: 88955

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