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President in a meeting with Supreme Leader:

Creating comfort in economic and social space, the greatest achievement of Government

President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday delivered a report about performance of the government on the occasion of Government Week.

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Wed 26 - August 2015 - 18:34

President said in a meeting with Supreme Leader on the occasion of Government Week.

President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that the government considers itself committed to law and well-prepared to organize elections for parliament and the Experts Assembly slated for late Iranian year.


President Rouhani briefed Ayatollah Khamenei on the government's activities over the past two years, such as the efforts to curb inflation, the health reform plan, planning for continued scientific progress and water management projects.

President said that creating comfort in economic and social space is the greatest achievement of his government.

He said that promoting economic growth to +3 from negative last year is a clear sign of exit from stagnation.

Referring to the his administration's struggle to implement resistance economy policies, Rouhani said that 19 percent increase in non-oil exports and creating a relative balance between imports and exports are indicative of moving on track of resistance economy.
Of course, the government faced great obstacles in the past two years, one of which is payment of cash subsidies, the president said.
Stressing the need for gradual elimination of subsidies, Rouhani said that Mehr Housing Scheme is another challenge faced by the 11th government.
The debts enherited from the former government is also a major challenge to the current administration, he said.
Evaluating the economic performance of the government as relatively successful, he pointed out, 'During post-sanctions era, we need a new planning to focus on domestic capabilities to attract foreign investment and technology.'
As to the government's performance in the field of foreign policy, the president said that nuclear negotiating team has never adopted a passive stance during the talks and defended national interests and dignity bravely.
Maintaining nuclear technology, eliminating UN Security Council's earlier resolutions, lifting financial and economic sanctions after the deal are among the achievements of the nuclear talks, Rouhani said, noting, 'We have reached a stage which can be called 'legal deterrence'.' 
The government brought economic stability and calm to the social atmosphere as the greatest achievement over the past two years, he said, noting that the administration has used all its power to fulfill the promises it made earlier.

President said that in a new era of post-sanction we are in need of a new design to attract new sources of foreign investment and new technology.



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