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President in a meeting of administrative council in Hamedan Province:

Iran's increased investment attraction for investors

President Hassan Rouhani stressing on Tuesday that we hope very much to the future of the country, said Iran's increased investment attraction for investors.

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Tue 25 - August 2015 - 21:32

President Rouhani made the remarks in a meeting of administrative council in Hamedan province.

President said that wide move on the path of reach to balanced and sustainable development will begin by removing sanctions.

Dr Rouhani calls for national unity to attract new technologies and investments in Iran.

President said that trust formed the basis of our lives and strengthen public confidence in the officials is a common duty.

The president stressed that "the basis of our relationship with the world and international organizations should be based on trust”, added that if we want to engage in the world, it is based on trust.

President said we cannot create a job without economic prosperity and to create prosperity, we must strengthen the foundations of trust in society ever than before.

'We should create true competition in the country and embark on privatization. We should get connected to the world economy in sense of capital and technology.'



Code: 88927

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