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Dr.Rouhani visits families of martyrs and veterans of medical community

President Hassan Rouhani on the eve of the Physician Day met and discussed with honorable families of the martyrs of the medical community.

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Sun 23 - August 2015 - 12:24


President Rouhani said that doctors like other members of the community have done their duty very well during the Islamic Revolution and Sacred Defense.

The President pointed out that doctors and nurses have saved the lives of many soldiers during the war, said that a rescue a man is a sacred, great and important act.

President Rouhani pointed to the establishment of some hospitals during the war imposed on the country near the front lines, said: "Despite all dangerous of activity in the hospitals, military areas, doctors did their job with courage and bravery."

President appreciating the acts of Doctors, said that implementation of Health reform plan was not possible without accompaniment and help of the medical community.

The families of the three medical science students who were martyred in the days of the Sacred Defense attended the meeting.


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