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President in a ceremony to mark a National Day of Defense Industries:

Iran’s strategy is deterrence and its policy is detente with self-sufficiency

President Hassan Rouhani referred that Iran’s strategy is deterrence and Iran’s policy is detente with self-sufficiency said that power of Islamic of republic of Iran supports the stability of the region.

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Sat 22 - August 2015 - 15:42

President made the remarks in a gathering to mark the National Day of Defense Industries here on Saturday.

President said that there is the high-speed movement discernable in the country towards the self- sufficiency in armed forces.

President stressed: ‘We can engage in a good and constructive negotiation with the other parties only when we are powerful and capable.’

Noting that deterrence is possible to practice not just through defensive and military might but by employing cultural, scientific, political and economic elements as well, president stressed that any country develops a defense system which is based on its aspirations.

Dr.Rouhani said the Iranian defense industry is seeking to materialize ideals of the country and the nation.

He added the defense industries are set to defend Iranian territory, its people and interests as best as possible.

President Rouhani reiterated that Iran has never attacked others countries.

‘We are not after aggression, Iran has proved that it favors culture and philanthropist.’ said the president.

Commenting on Iran nuclear deal with the world major powers, he described it as an unprecedented event and a win-win agreement which benefits all.’

President said that except one illegitimate regime and a number of US congressmen, all world countries are in favor of agreement.

He added, if Iran was after developing Weapons of Mass Destruction, then the nuclear agreement could be a bad deal, if Iran wanted to build atomic bombs, this would not be a good agreement but now that the country is not after killing innocent people and follows logic, wisdom, religion and guidelines of its Leader and is only seeking peaceful nuclear technology, then this is a very good agreement and is not defective.’

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